Tips to Improve English Grammar Mistakes

One of the most common English grammar mistakes is incorrect use of the present simple simple tense. If you are Dutch, this is especially likely because the present simple tense is more flexible in Dutch than in English.

The English grammar mistakes below are common in conversation and written texts and are often seen on IELTS and other English tests.

Let’s look at the ways to use present simple in English

To make statements of fact or opinion

  • It rains a lot in Amsterdam.
  • I love Tony’s chocolate with caramel.

To talk about schedules

  • The train leaves Amsterdam Centraal at 9:00.
  • The meeting is at 16:00.

To talk about things that will happen in the future

  • The English course starts next week.
  • Course registration closes on Friday.

To show a pattern of general truth. Expressions. Proverbs.

  • People who work in hospitality don’t get paid much
  • Barking dogs seldom bite. The early bird gets the worm. Haste makes waste. Love conquers all.

With adverbs of frequency

  • She always arrives on time
  • He seldom eats lunch at his desk

Want to learn more about English grammar? Try a few private English lessons to (re)learn  the grammar rules you are still confused about. Let one of our native-speaker teachers explain it all!


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