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Anytime 24/7
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€ 180

Use our online spoken English Language Lab App and get unlimited immersion learning + a personal English Center coach. Improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency in three months with guaranteed results. This is inexpensive, high quality English training with unlimited speaking practice right at your fingertips, 24/7. The platform contains over 10,000 videos, from beginner to advanced – English + Business English

This is like karaoke for learning English

Is this English Language Lab App right for me?

This spoken English app is appropriate for all levels and ages and interests, and will help you develop the practical English skills you need to communicate in spoken English.

With this independent study course, there’s no book or classroom, but there is a teacher watching over you and giving you feedback every week! So you can practice listening and speaking English anytime, anywhere, on the schedule that suits you best. This is independent study, but with our teacher coaching you, you are not alone.

Please note that this platform is localized for many languages, including Spanish, Turkish, and Japanese.

What will you achieve with this Lab App?

  • Bigger vocabulary.
  • Better speaking and pronunciation.
  • Better listening and reading.
  • More fluency, confidence and pleasure speaking English.

What makes this app special? You are in charge!

  • The video player lets you stop, start, rewind, fast forward and slow down your lesson.
  • Huge library of 10,000+ videos.
  • Local support and personal feedback.
  • You can listen to yourself and compare YOU to the native speaker. Not satisfied? Record yourself again!
  • Take vocabulary quizzes based on the video you watched.
  • Choose the videos, course and level that suit you best. From advanced business English to beginner level social English.
  • Ready for a change of content or level? Look for another course in the platform. It’s all there for you!

How long is this course?

We recommend that you use this Spoken English App for 3 months, a minimum of 2.6 hours per week. The app comes with a guarantee of success! With proper use, you will improve one CEFR level in 3 months.

Is this program easy to use?

Yes, we will get you started and support you, but it is easy and intuitive to use.

Does this course automatically renew? No!

No, when you finish, you are finished. If you want to renew, just ask us. We provide your customer service.

What happens in this Language Lab App course?

  • Watch – The more videos you watch and speak, the more progress you will make. Learn English using thousands of the most engaging videos on the web, presented with text transcriptions and word definitions. Choose a Video Course designed for Business, Social, Travel, English Proficiency Exams, English Pronunciation and more.
  • Learn – Master over 20,000 words using this unique video based vocabulary training tool. Improving vocabulary, using videos is a proven method of increasing English fluency and test scores.
  • Speak – Improve your pronunciation and speaking fluency using our unique interactive speech assessment technology. Our technology gives you immediate pronunciation feedback and an ongoing assessment of your particular pronunciation challenges.
  • Get feedback – Every week, get a personal email from your English Center online coach. She will listen to your recordings and give you useful feedback to help you sound even better.
  • In three months, go up one level!

When can I start?

We can generally start your app course within a few business days

How do I get started?

  1. Take the free test to place you in the right level: beginner – intermediate – advanced.
  2. Register using the button above.
  3. Tell us what you want to study and we will select the best course content for you: Business English, Test Prep, Social English, Job Interview English, Teen English, Travel English and more.
  4. We will enroll you and you can get started straightaway. Your coach will give you feedback once per week with performance comments, expert pronunciation advice and technical support. Her personal learning advice will help you stay motivated.

Would you like to combine our Language Lab App Course with private English lessons?

Ask us about adding this app to your private course for unlimited learning!

Call +31 (0)20 823 0569.

Book a free
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Meet with a native-speaker English trainer from our top team to discuss your learning goals.

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