English Level Test

We invite you to take the English Center’s free online English level test. This MacMillan test of grammar and vocabulary has 50 questions with 4 multiple choice answers each. Each correct answer is worth one point. A perfect score of 100% correct answers = 50 points.

  • 01 - 15 Beginner A1
  • 16 - 24 Elementary A2
  • 25 - 32 Pre-Intermediate B1
  • 33 - 39 Intermediate B2
  • 40 - 45 Upper Intermediate C1
  • 46 - 50 Advanced C2

This level test is intended for English speakers at all levels.

Instructions: Tick the box with the best answer for each question.

This test should take about 20-40 minutes. All fields are required.

After you complete the test, you will receive an email with your score and personalized course recommendations.

Grammar Part II


“I want to test my English level!” That is why you are here, and that’s smart. A test is a good place to start your journey to better English. An English test online provides quick insights into your English level. Those insights will help us recommend the best English course for you!

Test your English Level

There are many ways to test your English level, but our FREE English level test is a logical place to start. Then later, you may choose a paid test. But if you just want to check your English level now – quickly and easily – begin with our FREE English level test online. Just scroll back up the page to get started.

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Do you prefer an English test online with an official Oxford report indexed to the CEFR?

You can test your English level quickly and easily with the Oxford Online Placement Test. Automatically marked, this standardized, formative test gives accurate, reliable and instant results to help you know the right level for your English studies. Results include a CEFR level, a score out of 120, and the time taken as well as a breakdown for: use of English and listening. The test is taken online, thus you can do it at home, at school or in your office.

Request the Oxford Online Placement Test now.

Would you like to read our blog post about several Business English tests that are available online and at test centers? We discuss a few of the most popular English tests in this short blog article. If you have further questions about testing or test preparation, please contact us via the contact form below. Or call us at +31 20 823 0569. We are happy to speak with you!

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