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Yes, we do lots of pronunciation (accent reduction) training.

We have native speaker teachers from the UK and the US who can help you develop the accent that you want.

Yes, we love working with actors!


Yes, that’s no problem. We can teach small groups up to about 100 persons online.

Yes. Please request information or a proposal.

Ask us for a proposal.

You can choose once per week for a number of weeks or your company may prefer a few half day sessions in just a few weeks.

We serve all kinds of companies from consulting to real estate, energy to pharma, and IT to fashion.


Yes, we can generally start your course within about 7 days.

Yes, we offer a free online intake appointment.

There are several ways to get started: At the website, use our contact form, our intake request form, or just register online for the course you prefer. You can also email us at <englishcourse@englishcenter.nl> Or call us. We are happy to speak with you in English or Dutch! 


Group courses are only available as in-company training.


Sorry, no.

Yes, we offer private intensive English and Business English courses of a few days, one, two, three weeks or more.

Common packages are between 20 to 50 hours.

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Yes, we have a spoken English language lab app that allows you to speak thousands of videos, listen to your own recordings, and get instant corrections. Plus we provide weekly personal feedback on your recordings.

We work primarily with adults and teens.

We serve all CEFR levels, but we specialize in intermediate to advanced level clients.

A certificate of completion can be provided, displaying the number of hours studied and your Oxford Online Placement Test score.


Yes, we offer training year round, except for a week or two around the winter holidays.

You must have enough vocabulary and syntax to cover many situations, and that vocabulary/syntax must be activated so that it is productive, not just receptive. In other words, it must be “top of mind.”

For most intermediate/advanced clients, building active vocabulary and practicing new vocabulary with  smart, relevant conversation is key. Of course, corrections must be provided.

An online lesson can be 30 minutes or longer. An in-person lesson is 90 minutes or longer.

That is really hard to answer, but 20 hours is a good size package for many clients. However, some clients only need a few quick hours to prepare for an important presentation or interview, while other clients want a slow steady approach and a big improvement. Those clients have worked with us for a long time.. Everyone is unique.

Training can take place on the schedule that suits you best. Once or twice a week is common. Except for intensive courses, which are usually one to 2 weeks.

Training is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 20:00.

There is always lots of active conversation with corrections plus specific skill building; often jargon, idiom and pronunciation. Each lesson’s activities and content are customized for the client’s interests, work sector, level and goals.


Yes, we offer two free tests plus several other test options, including the Oxford Online Placement Test, The English Center Test of Spoken English and The English Center Writing Test.


Yes. Our trainers come from the US, Australia, South Africa, Canada and other English-speaking countries. They are all well educated and qualified to teach English as a second language.


Yes. We provide virtual training online with Zoom, Google Meets and Teams.

Our classrooms include 3 Amsterdam locations (2 close to Central Station and 1 in the Museum Quarter right by the Vondelpark) + Amstelveen, Den Haag (close to Den Haag Central station), and corporate locations.

Please contact us to make an appointment.  We usually begin online, with a free Zoom intake appointment.

The Amstelveen locations offer easy parking (free or low cost). Ask us about parking details for Amsterdam and Den Haag.


Yes, the course will be customized to support your unique goals.

Yes. We help clients with CVs, letters of interest, and to prepare for interview questions.

Yes – we are happy to provide other kinds of training. Just ask us.

Yes. We offer private test preparation.

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