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Private Courses in Business English to transform your Business English communication. Customized private training in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag and Live Online. Start with a free consultation appointment.

Tailor-made training

Tailor-made training sounds great, right? It’s an approach to teaching that means the course content, approach and activities are based on YOU. But you still have to choose a course, so please click the button to view a few client profiles.

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Want to test
 your English
Writing for Business
  • Improve your English structure, utilize business vocabulary, use correct collocations.
  • Share your message clearly & diplomatically!
  • Choose British English or American English.
  • Online or in person.

B1 and higher
Online minimum 1 hour
In person minimum 1.5 hours

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Private Business English training client and teacher smiling / Zakelijk Engels cursus deelnemer en trainer.
Private Business English Training
  • Fully customized for your English level, goals and career.
  • One or two sessions each week, during or after working hours.
  • Corporate invoicing available.
  • Online or in person.

B1 and higher
Online minimum 1 hour
In person minimum 1.5 hours

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Woman working on her English accent.
Accent Training
  • American or British English accent.
  • Private, focused, personalized training.
  • Experienced native-speaker accent trainers.
  • Add our Spoken English App for 24/7 practice.

B1 and higher
Online minimum 1 hour
In person minimum 1.5 hours

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English job interview
English Job Interview Coaching
  • Professional guidance to prepare a winning CV and cover letter in English.
  • Preparation for answering tough interview questions.
  • Make an investment in your international career.
  • Just received an interview? No problem, we can start quickly!

A2 and higher
Online minimum 1 hour
In person minimum 1.5 hours

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Spoedcursus Zakelijk Engels / Private Intensive Business English Course / Privé Spoedcursus Zakelijk Engels
Intensive Business English Course
  • Intensive Business English course, fully customised.
  • Fast results in one, two or three weeks.
  • Business vocab, diplomacy, presentations, fluency.
  • Online & in-person in Amsterdam & other locations.

B1 and higher
20 hours+
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Business English native-speaker trainer in red sweater in classroom in Amsterdam.
Over 24
courses to
enrich your

Learn optimally from native-speaker English trainers.

There is nothing more important to the success of your Business English course than your English trainer. Our experienced native-speaker trainers bring you an intelligent, communicative and personalised approach. We keep the focus firmly on you and your professional goals. We ensure sessions include relevant, actionable learning – and that the language is embedded into your everyday work. We believe that your English lessons should not just be effective, they should also be fun!

Why is Private Business English training the “gold standard” for professional development?

If you are a busy professional, better Business English is not a luxury or a hobby. It’s as necessary as your laptop and your mobile. You need to communicate as well in English as you do in your native language. You know what you need and you need it now. You want concise training based on the real tasks that you perform everyday on the job.

Confidence and competency are key.

As a professional person, competence and confidence are essential. A lack of confidence means that even if you are competent in English, you will be stressed by uncertainty. And of course, if your Business English is full of errors, you will not be able to perform your job correctly in English, and that’s not good for you, your colleagues or your company. With almost everyone speaking English, it’s no longer an excuse that English is your second language, because English is the first language of business.

Private Business English training puts you in the spotlight.

Whether you love to be in the spotlight or you are quiet and shy, this training puts you and your career at the center of the process, and yes, you deserve this attention. Don’t waste your time and money on courses that are built to please most people most of the time. Get the exact training that YOU need to succeed.

Your native-speaker trainer is your Business English coach.

In a private Business English course, your native-speaker teacher is your personal English communication coach. Their job is to help you perform better in English. With private coaching, we are there for you as you strive to meet long term and short term goals. Thus, tomorrow’s big presentation can be the subject of today’s class!

Private courses address your strengths, your weaknesses, and your goals.

Private English Center courses are customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Our native-speaker coach will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and design a program that addresses your specific goals. This individualized approach ensures that you receive the most effective coaching and make progress quickly.

Private courses are scheduled to suit you!

Flexible schedule: We will do our best to schedule your private Business English coaching on the days and times that are convenient for you. This means that you can schedule coaching sessions around your work schedule, holidays and family, making it easier to fit Business English into your busy life. In general, courses are offered morning through evening, Monday through Friday. Check with us about our scheduling policy for more details .

Private training means faster progress.

Private Business English coaching, especially intensive private courses are designed to help you make progress quickly. With personalized attention and a customized program, you’ll be able to improve your English language skills at a faster pace than you would in a group setting.

Business English, job performance and career development.

If your current or future job requires better, more confident English communication, use the form below to book a free first appointment. Or you can call us at +31 (0)20 823 0569. We are happy to speak with you in English or Dutch. Let’s do this!

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At The English Center all our courses are fully customized to suit your learning goals. Whether you need to increase your business vocabulary, write better reports or speak more clearly, we have a course that fits you.

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