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Learn English & Business English Live Online and in Amsterdam, Amstelveen & Den Haag.

Get the English you need with The English Center of Amsterdam. Private courses, small group courses & in-company courses in English & Business English online. Learn business English with a top native-speaker teacher live online or in-person – in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Amstelveen, or onsite at your company. Please note that a surcharge may apply for in-person training. Request a free consultation appointment and take our free test now!

Learn English & Business English: In-Company Training and Private Courses

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Request your free personal consultation appointment with a native-speaker trainer now.

What do you want to achieve? Better writing? Better speaking? Or a successful job interview? What are your goals and challenges? We work with individuals and businesses to deliver customized, tailored English lessons, small group courses and corporate training that is engaging, effective, and brings the English language to life. Learn English and business English with us. Let an English Center teacher-coach help you to be your best in English!

Learn business English: In-Company Training

Is your corporate language English? Do your colleagues need to speak English with international clients? If you and your colleagues need to be more accurate, effective, persuasive and confident in English, please call us. Based on that conversation, we will propose a 100% customized course that delivers results and creates competency in spoken and written Business English. Read more at our in-company business English page.

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Some reviews about The English Center

Wendy Roxie
Wendy Roxie
09:30 18 Nov 21
When I first started looking for American accent classes it was a wormhole of advertisements. I have tried a few but they didn’t end up doing anything for me. Then I tried a trial class at the English center and I immediately loved it.I learned so much more in that one class than I had learned over the past month with several different classes. I started taking classes and they have helped me so much on my accent journey.You get great explanations about different aspects of accent training with a one on one teacher who helps you better your accent. There are so many little tips and tricks I have learned that I wouldn’t have thought of myself, but are so helpful. Each class we go in depth about one or more subjects that I need to give attention to. We start class by chatting and then my teacher notes down my slip-ups and things I need to work on; my homework for the next class. My teacher is really fun and makes me feel comfortable in her class so that I feel okay with making mistakes sometimes and learn from them. I really didn’t know that accent training would be so complex but The English center makes it easy and helps you step by step.I really like these classes and I am happy that I found them! I would recommend them to everyone who is looking to better their accent!read more
Fransje Voncken
Fransje Voncken
12:45 14 Oct 21
Since 2019, we offer Business English Courses at Vandebron, to help our employees feel more comfortable expressing themselves in English during lunch talks, business conversations, project meetings or presentations. The English Centre is well organized, and greatly aligns with our DNA, business context and learnings needs. Big recommendation!read more
Rico Apon
Rico Apon
15:07 24 Jul 21
Awesome teacher, learned a lot!

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