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15 minutes
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€ 90

Spoken English Test with CEFR Score: ECTSE©

The English Center Test of Spoken English© provides individuals and companies with an inexpensive, quick and accurate evaluation of your speaking skills. The test, conducted online or telephone, by an English Center trainer, takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Who is this test for?

This stand-alone test is for anyone who wants a convenient, fast, objective evaluation of their spoken English without having to go to a test center and take a big test of all skills and wait weeks for the results.

Can I combine this test with other skills tests?

Yes, you can combine this test with other English skill tests we offer, including the-

Is the ECTSE done online?

This test, given by an English Center teacher, is offered online or via telephone. Make an appointment and take this speaking test from your home or office.

Is this test automated or is it with a real trainer?

An English Center trainer will test you and evaluate and score your results.

How long does this spoken English test take?

This short, convenient test takes about 15 minutes to complete

What kind of report will I get? How fast will I get it?

Reporting includes descriptive commentary and CEFR indexed scoring. You will receive the report with CEFR rubric within 5 business days. The report is written by an English Center trainer.

What does this test evaluate?

  • Listening and comprehension.
  • Pronunciation and understandability.
  • Fluency (flow).
  • Accuracy.
  • Spoken vocabulary.
  • Sentence structure and grammar.
  • Ease of delivery.

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