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Accent Training
  • American or British English accent.
  • Private, focused, personalized training.
  • Experienced native-speaker accent trainers.
  • Add our Spoken English App for 24/7 practice.

B1 and higher
Online minimum 1 hour
In person minimum 1.5 hours

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Shakespearean acteurs / Shakespearean actors
Accent Coaching for Actors
  • American or British English diction & accent coaching.
  • Dynamic private course with native-speaker trainer.
  • Style your spoken English to fit your character.
  • Spoken English App support training highly recommended.

B1 and higher
Minimum 1.5 hours
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Learn optimally from native-speaker English trainers.

English Pronunciation Course

Work with a native speaker trainer and develop your American or British English accent. Our English accent courses cover all aspects of pronunciation, from regional accents to vowels, consonants, stress and intonation. Unlearn your habituated errors and start speaking with clarity and confidence.

Improve your English pronunciation in a private personalized English pronunciation course, online or face-to-face.

Accent reduction, also known as pronunciation training is not easy, and is best achieved in private training with a native-speaker trainer who can identify your errors. Did you know that your errors are almost always based on your native language (your L1)?

Our experienced trainers will guide you through each accent course session, providing fully customized training to help you reach your full spoken-English potential.

Learn face-to-face in Amsterdam, Den Haag or Amstelveen, or meet with your native-speaker trainer live online. You can start with a free intake appointment.

Accent reduction training to improve your English pronunciation.

Fluency is the standard that we all want to achieve. Enhance your spoken English fluency by learning about the real sounds of native English. In this English pronunciation course, you’ll learn about the sounds that need to be well articulated, the sounds that should be omitted, and how to make the sounds that don’t naturally occur in your native language.

What’s the best English accent?

While there is truly no “best accent,” it is common for our clients to have a preference for a British or American English accent. That preference can be based on the sound of the language. For example, perhaps you find British English sophisticated and melodic. Or maybe you find American English easy, modern and accessible. Or your preference may be based on the company language where you work. Or on the country you hope to immigrate to. And if you are an actor, your choice will depend on your next character and role. Where is this character from? The region and character’s background will be as important as the country.

What does good English sound like? What should you focus on? Here’s our quick list.

There are many elements in good English pronunciation. The list below contains some of the English pronunciation points that your native-speaker trainer will help you with. Keep in mind that you may already do some of these things perfectly, while others may be very difficult, due to your L1 (first language), and what we call fossilized (habitual or habit-based) errors.

  1. Vowels and consonants: English has 12 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds. Accurate pronunciation of these sounds is needed for clear spoken English. If you are often asked to repeat yourself, this may be the reason.
  2. Stress and intonation: English is a stress-timed language, which means that stressed syllables are pronounced longer and louder than unstressed syllables. Proper use of stress and intonation conveys meaning and emotion in speech. Without essential intonation signals, your English will deliver only partial meaning. In addition, spoken English that lacks intonation can sound bored, tired, disinterested or even angry.
  3. English pronunciation of word endings: English has many words that end with D and T, but may not be pronounced according to the spelling. Other word endings are completely dropped.
  4. Rhoticity refers to the correct pronunciation of the R sound in both initial, mid and final positions. Rhoticity varies among languages and within English dialects.
  5. Spelling inconsistencies and silent letters are a big feature of English. Second language speakers must accept this fact and learn with their ears rather than their eyes.
  6. Rhythm and pacing: English has a natural rhythm and pacing that can vary depending on the context and speaker. Phrasing, or word chunking, makes your English sound natural and engaging.
  7. English has an underlying hum: a connectedness. Too little connectedness will make your speech sound clipped, which can signal anger or irritation.
  8. Clear enunciation: Clear enunciation (articulation) is great, but over-enunciation is very undesirable and is a clear sign of non-native speech. You must know what sounds are omitted, what sounds shift, and what sounds are reduced or under pronounced to achieve a near-native sound.
  9. The schwa: The schwa is the most frequent English sound. It usually appears as one of several vowels in an unstressed syllable. Learn when to use this sound and you will immediately sound more native.

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