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Welcome to the English Center free business English test. This test is ©The English Center. All rights reserved.

This test has 25 questions with 4 multiple choice answers each. Each correct answer is worth 2 points. A perfect score of 100% correct answers = 50 points.

  • 01 – 15 Beginner
  • 16 – 35 Intermediate
  • 36 – 50 Advanced

This test is intended for business English speakers at intermediate and advanced levels.

Instructions: Tick the box with the best definition for each italicized, underlined idiom.

This test should take about 10–15 minutes. All fields are required.

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Why test your Business English?

A free online Business English test provides quick insights into your ability to communicate in English at work. This test provides a “jumping off spot” (a beginning point) for thinking about your professional English ability, specifically in terms of idiom. Idiomatic phrases are “sound bites” that cannot be understood literally – but carry a lot of meaning! Without idiom knowledge, you cannot thrive in the Business English world. Note: This unique “English for work” test does not evaluate grammar and is intended for B1 level and up. The insights we gain from your Business English test will help us recommend the best Business English course for you.

After you take the test.

In addition to the free Business English test, we offer a free English Center level test of grammar and vocabulary. That test is good for all levels and contains 50 questions. You will receive scoring and course advice by email. Take the English Center level test now.

Do you prefer an English test with an official Oxford report indexed to the CEFR?

You can test your English level quickly and easily with the Oxford Online Placement Test. Automatically marked, this standardized, formative test gives accurate, reliable and instant results to help you know the right level for your English studies. Results include a CEFR level, a score out of 120, and the time taken as well as a breakdown for: use of English and listening. The test is taken online, which means you can do it at home, at school or in your office. This test takes about one hour to complete.

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