Intensive Business English Course Amsterdam

Native-speaker trainer
B1 and higher
Lesson duration 
20 hours+
Day and time
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday by appointment

Amsterdam, Den Haag, Amstelveen or Online
Study book
Strongly recommended, not included
Level test
Course Costs (no added VAT)
€ 1800
In person
€ 2000

Intensive Business English Courses: Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag & online.

Private, personalized training in your Intensive Business English Course Amsterdam is a powerful way to improve professional English language skills fast. With focused attention from a native-speaker trainer, you will develop exactly the business English vocabulary and skills you need to improve your job performance and confidence.

What level is this Intensive business English course?

This course ifs for intermediate and advanced level speakers.

How many hours is this course?

The intensive course on this page is 20 hours. However, you can choose more hours. Scroll down to read more. Most clients choose a course of 20 to 50 hours over 1 to 3 weeks. Ask us about creating the schedule and pace of training that suits you best.

Customized Business English training is our speciality.

Our private Business English intensive courses – also called speed courses or crash courses – are designed to improve English quickly and efficiently. The course content will be based on you and your professional role, tasks and goals.

Where do these private Intensive Business English Courses take place? Can I also take the course online?

Our Intensive Business English Private Courses are offered live online via Zoom, and in person in great classrooms. Quality training in great locations – English courses in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag and online.

In-person training in Amsterdam takes place in the beautiful, artistic Museum Quarter close to the Vondelpark and Van Gogh Museum, and at 2 historic canal houses, just minutes from Amsterdam Centraal Station, plus at the Ijsbaanpad (close to the A10 and Amstelveenseweg).

Can I choose a full day or half day Private Intensive English speed course? A small or a big training package?

Yes, you can choose the schedule and package size that suits you best. Intensive course hourly rates are shown below. There is a price difference between online and in person courses.

Online Training Cost €90 p/h (No additional taxes)
20 hours = €1800
35 hours = €3150
50 hours = €4500

In-person Training Cost €100 p/h (No additional taxes)
20 hours = €2000
35 hours = €3500
50 hours = €5000

All intensive English speed courses, online and in person, have no added VAT (BTW).

Can you invoice my company?

Of course! Use the buttons above to register with your company details or request a proposal.

Or call us for more information. +31 (0)20 823 0569

Is this the right course for me?

This Intensive Business English Course Amsterdam is appropriate for intermediate and advanced levels. This speed course will help you develop the English skills that matter most to YOU. Your course will be fully customized for your level, professional role and tasks, and your work sector. Many Business English clients work on-

  • Diplomatic language.
  • Spoken fluency.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Pronunciation.
  • Grammar review.
  • Business vocabulary and idiom.
  • Effective and persuasive meetings.
  • Email writing.

How long is the Intensive Business English Amsterdam Course? How many hours? How many weeks?

One-to-one intensive Business English courses are typically one, two or three weeks in length and include 20–50 hours of personalized training.

What happens in Intensive Business English Course private training?

That depends on you, but all intensive courses are a deep dive into English. That might mean all aspects of the English language, or just a laser focus on just one skill area – whatever has the most value for you! Learners can expect a full immersion experience that will quickly increase fluency, accuracy and confidence.

When can I start my Intensive Business English Course?

We can often start intensive courses pretty quickly. Ask us. Private intensive courses are offered year round.

Are all the trainers native speakers?

Yes, all English Center trainers are native speakers. They come from the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia. They are qualified, well-educated professionals who will build your skills and confidence from the first meeting.

Will I have just one teacher for my Intensive Business English Course Amsterdam private training?

Most intensive courses are taught by several teachers who form your teacher team.

Who takes private Intensive Business English courses?

Intensive English speed courses are for anyone who needs to quickly achieve better English for their current or new job, preparing for a conference, or improving sales performance . Our clients range from IT professionals to CEOs to sales managers. We teach HR professionals and software architects, psychologists and business owners, marketing professionals and executive assistants.

Many of our clients are Dutch, but we also teach expats from Europe and around the world.

Here’s a list with some of the companies we serve-

  • Rodeo
  • Baker McKenzie
  • The Hyve
  • Corporate Housing Factory
  • SNV
  • Foot Locker
  • Young Capital Recruitment
  • ING Bank
  • McKinsey
  • Vandebron
  • Just Brands
  • Several major pharma companies
  • Gemeente Amsterdam

Is this Intensive Business English Course Amsterdam training the same as immersion training?

Yes, the course will be taught in English by a native-speaker trainer. You will be immersed in spoken and written English in every lesson. Immersion learning will help you develop your “English brain.”

Not sure if a Business English Intensive course is right for you?

We are happy to speak with you in English or Dutch, on the phone +31 (0)20 823 0569 or via Zoom. Request a free online appointment to speak to one of our native-speaker trainers about improving your English.

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