Private English Course: Weekly Training

Native-speaker trainer
A1 or higher
Lesson duration 
Online minimum 1 hour
In person minimum 1.5 hours

Day and time
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday by appointment

Amsterdam, Den Haag, Amstelveen or Online
Study book
Recommended, not included
Level test
Course Costs (no added VAT)
€ 510
In person
€ 570

Personalized Private English & Academic English Lessons.

The English Center’s fully personalized Private English Course is a smart, interactive way to improve your English language skills and to get started speaking English from day one. With focused attention from a native-speaker teacher, you will develop the English vocabulary, grammar structures, pronunciation and other skills you need to reach your goals – whether that’s academic success or just confident social English conversation in a cafe.

How many hours is this private English course?

This is a short private English course of 6 hours.

You can take just one private English lesson per week – or more. Many clients renew their learning package to continue improving in social or academic English.

Is there a private English course near me? Can I also take the course online?

Weekly English lessons are offered live online via Zoom and in person in great classrooms in the heart of Amsterdam, Den Haag and Amstelveen.

In-person lessons in Amsterdam take place in the beautiful, artistic Museum Quarter close to the Vondelpark and Van Gogh Museum, and at 2 historic canal houses, just minutes from Amsterdam Centraal Station, plus at the Ijsbaanpad (close to the A10 and Amstelveenseweg) locations.

When can I start my private English course?

We can generally start a course within 7 to 10 days. Private courses are offered year round.

Will my English teacher be a native speaker?

Yes, all English Center teachers are native speakers and members of our Amsterdam-based team. They come from the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia. They are qualified, well-educated professionals who will build your skills and confidence from the first meeting.

Customized private English is our speciality.

Customized English training is our passion. Your course content will be based on you!

Is a weekly private English course right for me?

This weekly course is appropriate for high beginner to advanced levels. This course will help you develop the English skills that matter most to YOU. Your course will be fully customized for your English level and goals, but it will include some or all of these–

  • Better social or academic English.
  • More fluency, confidence and pleasure speaking English.
  • Better listening and reading comprehension.
  • Improved grammar and reduced errors.
  • Better sentence structure.
  • Bigger vocabulary.
  • Correct use of idioms.
  • Better English writing.

Will I receive a certificate?

A PDF certificate of successful completion can be requested for any course. All certificates carry the CEDEO logo to show that we are approved providers of customized English training.

Will I use a book?

Some clients use a book or several books, and some do not. Some clients use digital materials and some use our video app. This is customized training, so every client is evaluated and coached on an individual basis. You are unique and so is your course.

Is this tutoring?

For academic clients, these lessons will definitely take the shape of tutoring. Academic clients are asked to bring their books, assignments, etc., to the lessons so that we can ensure the learning is relevant to your learning goals.

Social English clients will also be encouraged to bring their interests and goals to the training sessions. We will work together, as partners in your English language development.

Will I have just one teacher?

We will match you with a native-speaker teacher from our Amsterdam-based team. They will get to know you, your goals, interests, and learning style.

What will I work on in my private English course?

This private weekly course will help you develop the English skills that matter most to YOU. Your course will be fully customized for your life, your level, and your interests and goals. Many social English clients work on grammar, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation and day to day emails.

Academic clients often need training in advanced vocabulary, academic jargon and reading, as well as ongoing support in exam preparation, and participating in debates or presentations.

Not sure if a private English course is right for you?

Request your free online intake appointment and we will be in touch soon. Or just call us at +31 (0)20 823 0569. We are happy to speak with you about your English.

Will I speak a lot in this course? YES!

Our private English courses are highly interactive, so you can expect to be talking from day one. In an English Center course, you will engage in real conversations that are relevant for your life and interests. Our quality training focuses on the English skills that have the most value for you. Whether that’s better cafe chit-chat, travel English or a better results at University, this course will be adapted to you.

Private English course scheduling.

We offer morning through evening hours, Central European Time (CET), and we are happy to adjust to our clients’ schedules. Saturday by agreement only.

Not sure about your English level?

These private English courses are for CEFR levels A2 – C2 (high beginner to advanced). Not sure of your level? Take our free English level test now. Want to talk more about your level and your goals? Get in touch with us. We are happy to speak with you and discuss your professional English needs, goals and challenges!

Contact us today about your private English course.

We are happy to speak with you in English or Dutch, on the phone +31 (0)20 823 0569 or via Zoom. With just a short conversation we will give you good advice about improving your English.

Do you want more training hours at a faster pace?

Please visit our intensive English course page.

Book a free
initial appointment.

Meet with a native-speaker English trainer from our top team to discuss your learning goals.

Let's get in touch

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