Conversational English Course Online

Native-speaker trainer
All levels
Lesson duration 
30 minutes or 1 hour
Day and time
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday by appointment

Study book

Level test
Course Costs (no added VAT)
€ 800

Enjoy speaking English with international friends, relatives and people that you meet when travelling. Build confidence and vocabulary with your native-speaker coach in a private conversational English course, on the subjects that interest you the most. Practice general, social English with short, focused, friendly lessons and improve your fluency and confidence while reducing errors.

Who takes this Private English Conversational Course?

This course is for anyone who wants to speak social English at a party, at a pub, or when on holiday. It’s for all ages and all educational levels.

This personalized private course is suitable for learners at beginner to advanced levels, and is designed to provide highly effective social English training that will help you communicate in English.

This conversational English course will help you develop the spoken English communication skills that matter most to YOU. Your private course will be fully personalized for your English level and interests, but it will support some or all of these–

  • More confidence.
  • Better listening and speaking.
  • Better pronunciation.
  • Improved grammar and reduced errors.
  • Better sentence structure.
  • Bigger vocabulary.
  • Learning useful English and practicing it right away.
  • More fluency and pleasure speaking conversational English.

Who will be my teacher?

With this private conversation course online, you will meet with a professional native-speaker teacher from our Amsterdam-based team. Our professional native-speaker English trainers come from the UK, US, Ireland and Australia.

Does it matter where I am?

Our teachers can work with you wherever you are – from Japan to the UAE, and from Switzerland to Italy, as long as you can use Zoom or another video conferencing platform. You need strong wifi.

How much English conversation training do I get?

You can choose the number of hours in your learning package, but the standard size package is 10 hours. If you take one 30-minute lesson per week, that means you get 20 lesson appointments over 5 months. That’s a lot of conversation training!

You can make a free consultation appointment to discuss this course with one of our experienced trainers.

When can I start?

We can generally start clients quickly, within one week to ten days.

When can the conversation lessons take place?

We offer morning through evening hours, Monday to Friday, Central European Time (CET). Most clients take one lesson per week.

Not sure about your English Level?

Take our free English level test now. Want to talk more about your level and your goals? Get in touch with us. We are happy to speak with you and discuss your professional English needs, goals and challenges!

What about training quality?

All our trainers are university-educated, native-speaker English professionals who know how to bring the language to life. With friendly support and clear guidance, your trainer will help you enjoy your course and achieve your English goals.

What happens in the Private Conversation Course Online?

The answer has a lot to do with you. Your English conversation teacher will focus on your interests, goals, level, and learning style. She will engage you in the English language in an active, reciprocal, and fun way. From the beginning, you will be speaking English, getting instant feedback, and stretching your language communication boundaries.

Would you like to blend your English Conversational Course with unlimited video training and a second teacher?

In addition to your private English conversation lessons, we recommend that students use our unique English Language Lab App to extend their hours even further. Unlimited mobile video training (one month or more) with personal teacher feedback is recommended for most clients.

Contact us today.

Call +31 (0)20 823 0569. We are happy to speak with you. Or you can meet a trainer online to discuss your interests and goals. Make a free online consultation appointment now.

Book a free
initial appointment.

Meet with a native-speaker English trainer from our top team to discuss your learning goals.

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