Zakelijk Engels Woordenlijst NL

Zakelijk Engels woordenlijst met audio: 50 Business English vocabulaire woorden die je al kent! Met deze zakelijk Engels woordenlijst je kan deze zakelijk engels woorden nu gebruiken want ze zijn hetzelfde – of bijna hetzelfde – in Engels zoals in Nederlands.

Vergroot jouw Engelse vocabulaire met deze Zakelijk Engels woordenlijst. Deze  “business English word list” bevat audio en vertaalde woorden – Engels/Nederlands – met nuttige voorbeeldzinnen.

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Zakelijk Engels Woordenlijst en audio

1. Advertisement (advertentie)
The advertisements in this campaign are really young and fresh. I think they are going to work well for us.

2. Aggressive (agressief)
It is hard to handle angry, aggressive customers, but I have learned to stay calm and really listen to what they are upset about. Then I can find a solution.

3. Atmosphere (sfeer)
You will love working at our office. The atmosphere is casual and friendly.

4. Boss (baas)
I would never want to be a boss. It’s way too much stress!

5. Brilliant (briljant)
Steve Jobs was a very difficult guy, but you have to admit, he was brilliant.

6. Capacity (capaciteit)
The warehouse is full. It’s at capacity. We can’t order any new product right now, we just don’t have the room.

7. Client (cliënt)
Many of our foreign clients find us on the internet. And because of video conferencing, we can meet with those potential clients without ever leaving our office!

8. Colleague (collega)
My new colleague is a little slow. I hope he catches on soon!

9. Collegial (collegiaal)
We value workers with a collegial approach. At our company, you really have to know how to work well on a team.

10. Commercial (commerciël)
This is not a recreational club. This is a business, a commercial enterprise, and we are here to make money.

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11. Communication (communicatie)

Good communication is essential for a successful company.

12. Communicative (communicatief)
My intern is not very communicative. I think she is so quiet because she is a bit overwhelmed by all her new tasks.

13. Costs (kosten)
We have got to do a better job of controlling costs.

14. Creative (creatief)
Being creative is important. Sometimes you just have to think “out of the box” and create something really different.

15. Crisis (crisis)
The terrible financial crisis of 2007–2009 came to be known as “the great recession.”

16. Dynamic (dynamisch)
Your presentation was very dynamic. You got the whole team excited.

17. Effective (effectief)
She is a highly effective communicator. She really knows how to get her point across quickly and concisely.

18. Energetic (energiek)
I always feel really energetic on Mondays but by Friday I am exhausted.

19. Energy (energie)
I always have lots of energy for new projects, but sometimes I get tired later on when I have to handle the details.

20. Enthusiastic, enthusiasm (enthousiast, enthousiasme)
The new director is so enthusiastic that he has got everyone really fired up. At my company, enthusiasm is sometimes as important as skill.

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21. Essence (essentie)
The essence of the report is the story of the comeback after the crisis.

22. Essential (essentieel)
He brings some essential skills to the team.

23. Expressive (expressief)
She is very expressive and that is one reason she is such a good leader and motivator.

24. Focused (gefocust)
You really have to be focused when you are in important meetings. It’s no good to be checking your phone and looking out the window.

25. Good character (goed karakter)
Our organization is an NGO (not for profit) and good character is something we really look for in new hires.

26. Good leader (goede leider)
He is a great colleague but a bad leader. I don’t think he will be promoted to management.

27. Hard working (hardwerkend)
Only hard-working people are welcome at our company. The owners really expect a lot from the team.

28. Loyal (loyaal)
My company has been good to me for many years, so I feel very loyal.

29. Inclusive (inclusief)
The conference center’s quote is inclusive of rooms, food, beverages, misc., and taxes.

30. Innovation (innovatie)
Without innovation, companies cannot survive for long. You have to change with the times.

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31. Integral (integraal)
Research and development (R&D) is an integral activity at our company.

32. Integration (integratie)
The integration team is finding it tough to get all the platforms working together.

33. Last minute (laatste minuut)
My boss is always asking for “one more thing” at the last minute. It makes me crazy!

34. Leadership (leiderschap)
Leadership is a broad set of skills and while you can teach it, I think some people are just born with it.

35. Location (locatie)
These days, it is super quick and easy to find the location of a company; just Google them.

36. Motivation (motivatie)
Motivation is key. They say that to be successful in sales, you have to be motivated by money.

37. Microphone (microfoon)
Is your microphone on or off? I think you are muted.

38. Partner (partner)
My best friend and I started a business together. Now my best friend is also my business partner. I sure hope it works out.

39. Passion (passie)
HR is looking for designers with passion for our creative team.

40. Passive (passief)
Being passive in the workplace is not helpful. Employees need to speak up, contribute and share their opinions.

41. Plus (plus)
While my colleague was sick last week, I had to do his work plus mine. Wow, that was too much.

42. Presentation (presentatie)
Your presentation to the board was outstanding. It was the best one of the day. Well done!

43. Product management (product management)
Product management means many things, including new product development, planning, forecasting, pricing, product launch, and marketing.

44. Project management (project management)
Good project management practices help companies achieve goals and do it on time.

45. Telephone (telefoon)
Hey, I know you like to text and email, but you do remember how to use a telephone, right?

46. Shocking (schokkend)
The news of the merger was extremely shocking. We had no idea!

47. Success, successful (succes, succesvol)
To achieve great success, you have to want it really badly. Successful people are almost always highly motivated.

48. Team leader (teamleider)
The team leader will set a good example and make sure that everyone is working well as a team.

49. Team player (teamspeler)
Lots of companies hire many specialists, but the individual employees still have to get along, communicate well, and be real team players.

50. Workplace (werkplek)
During Covid, my workplace was no longer a chic office at the World trade Center. It was my dining room, or my living room… and sometimes my bedroom!

In conclusie, hopen wij dat je deze zakelijke Engelse woordenlijst nuttig vindt en dat je deze geweldige woorden integreert in jouw dagelijks zakelijk Engels. Als je Nederlands bent, moet dit “a piece of cake” (= gemakkelijk) zijn. Als je je zakelijk Engels woordenschat verder wilt ontwikkelen, je grammatica wilt herzien, je zakelijk Engels schrijven wilt verbeteren of je uitspraak wilt perfectioneren, dan hebben wij enkele suggesties voor jou. Zie verder!

Post “Zakelijk Engels woordenlijst,” Brenda de Jong-Pauley, May 2021, Ed. May 2022


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