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Tailor-made training

Tailor-made training sounds great, right? It’s an approach to teaching that means the course content, approach and activities are based on YOU. But you still have to choose a course, so please click the button to view a few client profiles.

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intensive business english course
Intensive Business English Course
  • Intensive Business English course, fully customised.
  • Fast results in one, two or three weeks.
  • Business vocab, diplomacy, presentations, fluency.
  • Online & in-person in Amsterdam & other locations.

B1 and higher
20 hours+
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intensive English course
Intensive English Course

   Intensive English courses: Amsterdam & Den Haag.
   Fast and effective results in 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
   Fully personalized training for beginners to advanced.
   Online or in person with your native-speaker trainer.

All levels
20 hours+
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Masterclass English
Masterclass English
  • Advanced level Masterclass English or Business English.
  • Fully customized course with native-speaker trainer.
  • CEDEO erkend & high rating with TrustPilot.
  • Start quickly, online or in person.

B1 or higher
6-hour course
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Intensive English Courses & Business English Courses

Welcome to The English Center’s Intensive English Courses page, where you can decide if an intensive English course, also called an English speed course, is right for you!

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Why choose an Intensive English Course?

English speed courses, also known as intensive, speed or immersion courses – are the fastest way to improve English fluency and confidence FAST. Intensive English courses activate your brain to THINK in English, and that’s the magic – and science – of this immersion training approach.

What is immersion training?

Hang on, what is immersion training? It’s a holistic language learning approach where course participants are fully immersed in the target language for a certain period of time, usually one week or longer. Immersion training means that you will be hearing, reading, writing and speaking the target language from day one. It’s like an English brainwash.

Are all the trainers native English speakers?

All English Centers teachers are native speakers. They are well educated, smart, lively professionals who will help you grow your English in an interactive way that will never, never leave you feeling bored.

What is the psychology behind language learning?

When we learn a second language (an L2), we are immediately aware of our errors. We know that we are making mistakes and missing vocabulary. Suddenly, smart adults are challenged to perform, and come up short. This experience can be painful for people who pride themselves on their communication abilities. They know that these abilities are a cornerstone of their success. No amount of charm, technical expertise or passion can fully compensate for language disability.

Is there research to back up intensive English course training?

Research shows that intensive language immersion training helps to activate the brain’s language learning centers. When learners are fully immersed in a language, their brains are forced to constantly process and interpret new information. This leads to increased neural activity in the areas of the brain responsible for language learning, which in turn helps to speed up the language acquisition process.

Is this a common approach to teaching English?

Yes! The intensive immersion course is very popular around the world and in the Netherlands. The English Center provides many intensive English speed courses every year. Most of our intensive English speed courses are taught in Amsterdam but we also see clients in Den Haag and Amstelveen.

Where in Amsterdam do the intensive English courses take place?

We offer private speed courses in Amsterdam in the Museum Quarter and right by Amsterdam Central Station, plus in Den Haag and in Amstelveen. The group intensive course takes place in the heart of Amsterdam, right by Central Station.

Traveling from another city or country?

Amsterdam is a great language learning destination city because so much English is spoken here. Consider coming for a one, two or three week private intensive English course. You can have morning with your native speaker English trainer and then spend the afternoon and evening exploring our beautiful city. And no worries, you will be able to practice your English everywhere you go, from museums to shops to cafes.

Is this intensive English course good for all levels?

A private speed course is appropriate for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The English Center’s Business English group speed courses are for level B2 and above.

What is the style of this intensive English course? The atmosphere?

All English Center courses contain lots and lots of talking and are are taught in a fresh, positive, dynamic manner. This is NOT high school English.

Are English intensive courses good for building confidence?

Yes, immersion training can help to reduce language performance anxiety and increase confidence. When learners are immersed in a language, they are communicating in the language all the time. This can be very tiring at first, but with practice, second language English speakers become comfortable and confident in their language abilities. Their “English brain” gets strong, while vocabulary and structures become “top of mind.”

Are intensive English courses good for building fluency?

Yes! An immersion experience is ideal for building your vocabulary and language structures so that when you speak, you will have good flow (fluency). As language teachers, we think about accuracy and fluency as important, but not the same; with fluency referring to your flow and connectedness of speech, while accuracy is about an absence of errors. However, many people refer to speakers as fluent when they reach an advanced level. Whatever meaning you prefer, your fluency will certainly quickly increase with an intensive immersion speed course.

Will this intensive English course be really hard?

This course will challenge you, of course, but it will be delivered at the perfect level for YOU. That means that you will be able to progress without the terrible anxiety that can come from falling behind in a group and being too embarrassed to ask for help. This course will build you up, providing structures, examples, context, practice and corrections so that you will stay relaxed and enjoy your language learning experience. Like climbing a mountain or exploring a new city, language learning is work, but it should always be positive and fun.

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