You’re Fired

Being fired is almost always bad news, but does this message have a silver lining? Termination training compensation can be used for business English courses. It’s employer-funded training to help you transition to the next job or career

There are many English phrases associated with termination:

  • You’re fired.
  • You’re sacked.
  • You’re laid off.
  • Your services will no longer be required.
  • Your position has been eliminated or made redundant.
  • Your contrast will not be renewed.

No matter how it’s said, it feels pretty rotten. Bur there may be some good news. If you will receive a “termination compensation and training” package, those funds can be used for Business English and job interview training.

Many workers preparing for job interviews choose a combination of the courses below to professionalize their English.

  • private English course
  • mobile video app training
  • business English weekly training
  • intensive business English course

If you have not been in the job market recently, you may not realize how necessary good English has become and how often job interviews include an English component. And of course, once re-employed, your daily tasks will likely include frequent speaking, emailing and meeting – in English.

The intent of termination compensation training is to help employees successfully transition to new jobs. If your English is “not the best,” English training will be a very good way to use that money. And please note that this sort of educational/professional training is btw free, which means you can use the full amount of the compensation.

Would you like to speak with us about an English boost for the next chapter of your career? Contact us.

You can read about our  Private English Course and our Job Interview Prep Pack

We have powerful, personalized training options to get you ready for the next stage of your career.

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Brenda de Jong-Pauley,  2018 & 2020

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