TOEIC Test of English

TOEIC is a leading internationally recognized English level test of four critical business communication skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

The TOEIC ® Test of English for International Communication is used worldwide by 14,000+ organizations across 160 countries. The TOEIC test and program are offered by ETS Educational Testing Service, the world’s leading testing organization, providing the TOEIC as well as the academically oriented SAT, GRE and TOEFL.

Why choose TOEIC Test of English for International Communication for yourself or for your company? 

As the industry leader for nearly 40 years, the TOEIC program has set the standard for measuring the English language communication skills needed in the workplace, with about 7 million tests administered each year.

The English Center is proud to be a Preferred Associate – ETA – for ETS in the Netherlands, providing TOEIC test preparation courses  and referrals for the exam at the ETS Global World Trade Center Official Test facility in Amsterdam.

Choose your English Center TOEIC program

  • Just the test, thank you! Choose Listening and Reading or Speaking and Writing, or both
  • Test add-on with English Center course
  • TOEIC® in-company test prep course and test
  • TOEIC® English Center test prep course and test
  • TOEIC® private test prep course and test

About the Speaking and Writing Test
About the Listening and Reading Test

Quick facts: the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

This test is designed to measure the skills used in everyday and business communications including following instructions, reading emails, understanding presentations and following workplace conversations.

  • You will score 4 to 495 in each of the two skills
  • 5 levels of scoring (you cannot fail this test) you receive a certificate for both areas
  • You must also complete a biographical questionnaire ( 3o minutes)
  • Reading test duration: 75 minutes
  • Listening test duration: 45 minutes
  • Your test results are technically valid for two years, but some employers do not care about the expiration date, so keep your test docs!*
  • 100 questions for each skill

Quick facts: the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test

The test is designed to assess the skills used in daily life and the workplace. From telephone and presentations to email writing and correspondence.

  • 11 speaking questions and 8 writing questions
  • 20 minutes for speaking test and 60 minutes for writing test

Your TOEIC results score report

The TOEIC score report is an acknowledgement of your English proficiency. The TOEIC score report is available for all tests. Score reports can have your photograph printed on it. Contact us, your local ETS Preferred Associate, for more information. The score report features:

  • Your name
  • Your listening score, reading score, and total test
    score (10–990)
  • Your birth date
  • Your identification number
  • Your test date
  • The date the scores are valid until
  • A watermark on back
  • Score descriptors
  • Abilities measured

Free TOEIC sample tests

TOEIC Speaking and Writing
TOEIC® Listening and Reading

Free TOEIC examinee handbooks

Speaking and Writing
Listening and Reading

TOEIC case study Starbucks

“It is imperative that Starbucks’ employees have a working knowledge of the English language in order to communicate with overseas partners and offices. Starbucks Brazil has begun using the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test as an audit tool for its top and middle management, requiring that select employees take the test before and after a 120-hour guided-study program. The test has also helped Starbucks focus on the individual needs of their employees, improving the average TOEIC score from intermediate to an upper intermediate level.”

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