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Check out our Big Blockbuster Blog Post section! We have lots of good advice about everything from test taking skills and vocabulary building to writing and spoken English fluency.

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English Skills Assessment Live Online
  • Complete reporting on all English skills within 5 business days.
  • ALL ONLINE! No test center to visit or complicated enrollment procedures!
  • Inexpensive and convenient.
  • Perfect for individuals & companies.

All levels
3 hours
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Close-up of a business woman's hand with a pen, writing
Written English Test
  • Online test completed in 30 minutes. Full report within 5 business days.
  • No test center to visit or complicated enrollment procedures!
  • Inexpensive and convenient.
  • Take this test alone or combine it with other tests for a complete picture.

All levels
30 minutes
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A woman with headphones taking the test of spoken English
Spoken English Test
  • The English Center Test of Spoken English takes just 10 minutes!
  • Full report with CEFR level within 5 business days.
  • Evaluation of listening, understandability, fluency, spoken vocabulary, and grammar.
  • Take this test via phone or online.


All levels
15 minutes
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Test Your Business English
  • How well do you know your Business Idioms?
  • 25 questions to test your Business communication knowledge.
  • Take it anytime online.
  • Receive your score and course recommendations once completed.

All levels
30 minutes
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Young woman smiling
Oxford Online Placement Test
  • Respected and accurate Oxford University Press test.
  • Fast: Order and pay for it today, take it within 3 days.
  • Includes grammar, listening and vocabulary.
  • Official Oxford University Press certificate provided with CEFR score.

All levels
Between 60-80 minutes
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picture of US and British flags
English Level Test
  • This free English level test is for clients & new clients of The English Center.
  • Take this quick test to help choose the right course for you!
  • 50 questions testing grammar and use of English.
  • Receive your CEFR score with course recommendations.

All levels
30 mins
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Over 24
courses to
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There is nothing more important to your English test success than your English trainer. Our native-speaker trainers bring you an intelligent, communicative and personalised approach. We keep the focus firmly on you and your test success goals.

Why take a test?

An English as a Second Language Test (an ESL Test) provides an objective, quantified evaluation of one or more English skills such as reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening. Below are the key skills assessed on ESL tests:

  1. Grammar and Vocabulary: Grammar and vocabulary are the building blocks of any language. The test taker is required to demonstrate their knowledge of English grammar rules, verb tenses, and vocabulary.
  2. Reading Comprehension: Reading comprehension is a crucial skill tested in all ESL tests. This skill measures the ability of the test taker to understand written texts in English.
  3. Listening Comprehension: Listening comprehension measures the ability of the test taker to understand spoken English. This skill is tested through conversations, lectures, and other audio recordings. The test taker is required to listen to the audio and answer questions based on the content.
  4. Speaking Skills: Speaking skills are also assessed in many ESL tests. The test taker is required to speak in English on various topics. The speaking test can be conducted in various formats like face-to-face interviews, group discussions, or recorded speeches.
  5. Writing Skills: Writing skills are assessed in most ESL tests. The test taker is required to write essays, letters, and reports in English. This skill measures the ability of the test taker to express their ideas and opinions in writing.

Some of the most popular ESL tests are IELTS, Oxford, Cambridge, TOEIC and TOEFL. These tests are recognized by educational institutions, employers, and immigration authorities worldwide.

Young people take ESL tests in school, such as the English portion of the Dutch Eindexam. If your teen needs support in preparing for a high school English test, contact us about private tutoring.

How can I use the test results?

You can use your test results for your CV, for a job application, for immigration, for university or course admission. Or simply to focus your attention on your English skills that need improvement. And of course, good test results provide a reward and a sense of satisfaction in what you have accomplished! If you get a certificate, you can even frame it!

When should I take an ESL test?

You can take a test before a course starts, to be sure you are in the right level, and take a test at the end to check your progress. You can take a test to satisfy your own curiosity about your ability, and of course you can take a test as required by a government for immigration, by an employer for a job interview or by a university for admission. These tests are often given in testing centers on particular dates, although some tests are available online, including the Oxford Online Placement Test and all English Center tests.

What test should I choose?

If you are immigrating, going to university or applying for certain jobs, you will be assigned a test. In Europe, that is often an IELTS test or a Cambridge Exam. These are tough tests, so you should consider taking a private test preparation course to get ready.

If you are choosing a test to get objective insights into your own English skills, you can choose an English Center test, such as our free Business English Test or our free English Level Test. Or you can choose a test of writing or speaking/listening, or a test that combines all these skills with an Oxford Online Placement Test.

I am in HR. What test should I choose for my colleagues?

The English Profile is a great choice because it provides a complete picture. Contact us to discuss your ESL test options.

What do English tests cost?

ESL tests range from free to hundreds of euros.

Are you ready?

If you are planning to take an ESL test that has been requested by a university, government or an employer, it’s important to prepare by focusing on developing your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, as well as your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. With proper practice and test preparation, you will achieve success in your ESL test.

Would you like to start testing now with one of our free tests?

English Level Test

Business English Test

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Find out more about our private test preparation course.

Check out our blog for some quick tips on preparing for your test.

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