Spoken Business English Course in Amsterdam?

Find your Business English Voice with a 1, 2 or 3 week Spoken Business English Course such as our Intensive Business English Speed Course in the Heart of Amsterdam, right by Central Station or in the Museum Plein neighborhood, right by the Vondelpark. Or ask us about Live Online courses! Weekly spoken English lessons and in-company training are also available

We meet clients in Amstelveen, Den Haag, Live Online and at corporate locations. Read more about In-Company Business English training and request a proposal. Or go to our Private Business English Intensive Course page to learn about personalized training.

About private spoken Business English courses.

Our courses with native-speaker trainers are specially designed for business people who want to quickly enhance their spoken English language proficiency in a highly interactive 1:1 learning experience, designed to improve spoken English fluency and confidence.

These private English courses are for participants at level B1 and above.

Whether you’re aiming to improve your presentation skills, negotiate with confidence, have better meetings, greater diplomacy, or to speak more fluently, this course will build your skills, confidence and pleasure in speaking English.

What will you gain in a spoken Business English speed course? You will–

✅ Broaden your business vocabulary.

✅ Increase fluency and boost your speaking confidence.

✅ Develop diplomatic language skills.

✅ Enhance your presentation and public speaking abilities.

✅ Gain a competitive edge in the global business landscape.

🎓 Are the Business English teachers native speakers?

Our experienced English Center trainers are 100% native-English speakers from the UK, US and Australia. They possess a wealth of knowledge as well as teaching credentials and communication skills and social-intelligence. They are dedicated to guiding you towards fluency and proficiency in a supportive and engaging environment.

📝 A few ways to start a conversation with us!

Call us. We are happy to speak with you in English or Dutch. +31(0)20 823 0569

Request your free online intake appointment.

Contact us to request more information.

Read more about our private Business English speed courses.

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