Finding the course that fits you best

Choosing the right course can be rather difficult, but we’re here to help. Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! We love to customize training so that you have the best possible experience. So let’s talk! Request your free appointment with an English Center trainer now.

Below, we’ve provided some classic client scenarios that may help you select the best course for you.

Private intensive

“Jan works for a bank. He is Dutch and speaks pretty good English, but he is quiet in English business meeting as he has to mentally translate everything. Conversations move too fast, and he often feels left behind. “

Jan chose a private intensive course for fast results. Now he has a much bigger vocabulary ,and he doesn’t need to translate.

Pronunciation training

“Maria is a native Spanish speaker. She is a highly educated engineer with a great job, but people often ask her to repeat herself. Her strong accent can be hard to understand.”

Maria has chosen a weekly private pronunciation lesson with a supportive trainer. She is working on reducing her accent and learning correct English pronunciation.

Business English Fluency

“Liesbeth is a scientist who needs to present papers at international conferences. She can memorize her presentation, but she’s worried about the Q & A.”

Liesbeth is following a weekly private masterclass that helps her to be a better listener and speaker. Now she feels less stressed and more confident.

English for actors

“Wendy Ruijfrok is a young actress who wants to audition for English as well as Dutch parts. As an established performer in Dutch TV & film–Brugklas and Silverstar–she is working with an English Center pronunciation coach to get that casual American sound.”

Wendy is getting Accent for Actors lessons, Live Online once per week.

In company training

“Marielle Orr is the HR director at Innova. She needed weekly online business English training for 100 employees, mostly from the Netherlands and India. She wanted a course covering elevator pitches, presentations, customer service and more.”

Marielle asked the English Center for Business English training for 100 employees. They train weekly, In-company Live Online.

Business English course

“Maarten is in sales, and he’s starting a new job in an English-speaking company. In Dutch, he’s funny, confident and persuasive. But now he’s wondering – Will I be as good in English as I am in Dutch?”

Maarten is following a private weekly course. With lots and lots of practice speaking, he’s starting to find his English voice and confidence!

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