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21+ Advanced Words and Phrases for Describing Happiness

Brenda de Jong-Pauley, April 2021

Feeling words are important. We use them to express love, sympathy, kindness and affection. Feeling words help us bond with one another. Without them, we are emotionally mute.

So how are you feeling today? Are you serene? Delighted? Zen? Today, let’s load up on positive emotion words with adjectives and phrases associated with happiness.

Tip! Be sure you read to the bottom to enjoy some musical happiness.

1. Amused

To find something funny and/or pleasantly interesting and engaging.
His stories really amused her. She could listen for hours!

2. Blissed out, in a state of bliss, blissful

To feel blissed out is to be utterly and completely happy.
When she was reunited with her sweetheart, she entered a state of absolute bliss. She was so happy, it was like she was “walking on air” and her “head was in the clouds.”

3. Content, contented

Happy and satisfied with what you have.
After years of dating, she finally found happiness with her new love. Now she is truly contented.

4. Delighted

Very pleased or happy with something or someone.
I would be absolutely delighted if my best friend would come visit me this summer. In fact, I would be “tickled pink!”

5. Ecstatic

Extremely happy, in rapture.
He was ecstatic when his girlfriend said “yes” to his proposal of marriage.

6. Enchanted

When someone is enchanted with something or someone, that person is so pleased that we think there might be some magic involved ;-).
Their afternoon in Paris was perfect, and Tom was so enchanted by the city that he resolved to live there one day.

7. Enraptured

Extremely pleased; completely engaged and transfixed.
He was so enraptured by the soloist’s performance that he could hardly breathe.

8. Enthusiastic

Eager, positive, interested in and having energy for something
I am super enthusiastic about this job interview. I really hope I get hired!

9. Euphoric

To be extremely happy. Also associated with being high on drugs.
When she won the lottery, she was euphoric for weeks.

10. Exuberant

To be full of joy and unrestrained, energetic happiness that is easily observed.
He is so exuberant about his new job that he can speak of nothing else.

11. In a good space

To be in a good space is like being in a good state of mind. Positive, relaxed, optimistic.
Since the divorce, he is in a good space and enjoying his life again.

12. Jazzed

Full of excitement and enthusiasm.
The week before the premiere of the play, she was so jazzed she could hardly eat or sleep.

13. Jolly

Full of high spirits and laughter, socially warm, friendly and positive; convivial.
Santa Claus is often described as a jolly fellow.

14. Joyous

Very, very happy.
The birth of a child is often described as a joyous occasion.

15. Jubilant

A feeling of great happiness, especially after a big success.
After the very successful launch of the new line, the company owners were absolutely jubilant.

16. Jumping for joy

Literally so happy that one cannot (or nearly cannot) stand still and wants to jumps up and down.
When the author found out his book would be published, he was so happy that he was nearly jumping for joy.

17. Mad about and crazy about

While “mad” and “crazy” can have other meanings (such as angry and insane), if the context is positive, then these phrases mean “in love” with something or someone, so much that it is not sane!
She is so crazy about chocolate that she could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I’m mad about my new boyfriend; I think he’s the one!

18. Over the moon

So happy that one is almost floating or feels as though they are in heaven.
The kids are over the moon with the new puppy. They spend every waking moment playing with that dog!

19. Serene

Peacefully calm and happy. With no worries.
The queen looked absolutely serene as she sat on her throne.

20. Tickled or tickled pink

Happy and excited, often in response to something that just happened or some recently received news.
We got the house we bid on? OMG! I am tickled pink!

21. Zen

Mellow, happy and relaxed but in quiet, calm way. Having no worries about things that cannot be changed. Zen is a philosophical state of mind.
She is so zen about her life – I wish I could be more like her! Even when bad things happen, she just stays calm and centered and goes with the flow.

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