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Business English Courses: Online or In-Person?

Brenda de Jong-Pauley M.A., June 2021

The question of which is better – online virtual business english training or in-person business english training – has just gotten hot. After one year of virtual training as the only option in a locked-down Netherlands, spring 2021 brings us new freedom about where and how to study. But not everyone wants to go back to the classroom and the office. Virtual learning is definitely here to stay. But what’s best?

So… what are the advantages of live online virtual business English training?

• zero travel time
• lower price point
• no babysitter!
• no need to get “dressed up”
• no worries about bad weather
• no hassles with parking spaces or train schedules
• the same quality and personalization as in-person lessons
• great native-speaker trainers from our Amsterdam based team

If this sounds good to you, we encourage you to “try us out” in a free online consultation appointment with a teacher.

What can I expect with a private business English course online?

While some people may still imagine that online English training means listening to a boring grammar lecture, that is definitely not our style.

The English Center’s Live Online approach means that a lesson on Zoom is just like a private English lesson in Amsterdam or Den Haag, but without the travel time. One-to-one private English lessons online bring a top native-speaker English teacher from our Amsterdam-based team to you, wherever you are!

In the lesson, you will talk a lot and get lots of corrections. The content and activities will be the things that are then most useful for you and your career. Whether you are in sales or IT, the law or the arts, we’ve got you covered. Want to focus more on writing, or is it speaking English that makes you sweat? Your training will suit you, your level and your needs.

In the world of video conferencing, location is no longer a barrier to quality business English training.

With distance learning for business English, you can work with a great teacher, no matter where you are. OK, it helps if you are in or close to a CET time zone, but with more clients online, we are now proud to work with individuals and companies as far away as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Russia.

What is virtual in-company business English training?

While the words “in-company” definitely  suggest on-location/at your office, the Covid lockdown has opened new possibilities for quality online, small group, virtual courses in business English. Your team can work with our top native-speaker trainers and follow a customized course built just for your company. And you have lots of options! Weekly training, one-off workshops, intensives and more.

Do you prefer in-person, onsite business English training? We can do that. Please keep reading.

Read more about in-company training and request a proposal. 

OK, but the lockdown is over and I want to meet my native-speaker business English teacher in-person, at a beautiful location in Amsterdam or Den Haag. Or at my office! Can I?

YES you CAN!

We get it. You are “sick and tired” of Zoom meetings and fed up with computer screens. You are dying to go somewhere and see some new faces and places. If you live in or around Amsterdam, Haarlem, Den Haag or Amstelveen, we’ve got you covered. The English Center has great locations in the aforementioned cities. With charming English teachers in charming classrooms, you know you are going to enjoy your business English course! And after each appointment, you can explore beautiful Amsterdam, hit a cafe or maybe visit a museum. Yes, the city is truly open again!

Now that the lockdown is finished, can my company get in-company training onsite, at our location?

YES you CAN!

Read more about in-company training and request a proposal. 

And what about weekly small group courses for improving my business English? Are they in-person, too?

We plan to return to our beautiful classrooms on the Binnenkant in Amsterdam – right by Amsterdam Centraal Station – in January 2022.  Visit our website for more details about:

Intermediate Business English
Advanced Business English for Fluency
Business English Breakfast Intensive

I am thinking about a private intensive business English speed course. Should I take it online or in-person? Which is better?

If you are not close by, you will of course choose online training. Intensives are typically 20 hours and can be taken over one or two weeks. But if you are here in the Netherlands, you may want to meet with us in-person and thankfully, that is now possible! In-person training is “gezellig” and we are all ready to be more social, eh? Plus we have some really delightful locations in the heart of Amsterdam and Den Haag. These great classrooms make your learning experience even more special.

Finally, all in-person private intensive business English courses – whether online or in-person – are very interactive and focus on you and your career.

What skills do you most need to improve? Presentation skills? Diplomatic English? Pronunciation? Writing? Grammar? Or “all of the above?” You can be sure that your training will be 100% customized to help you achieve your goals.

All courses – on Zoom and in-person – are taught by our carefully selected team of native- speaker English teachers from the UK, Canada, the US, South Africa and Australia. Your satisfaction and success means everything to us!

Let’s start the ball rolling (= get started) with a free consultation appointment. Call +31 20 823 0569.


Would you like a free online consultation appointment with a Business English teacher?

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Would you like to take a free business English test?

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Call us at +31 20 823 0569. We are happy to speak with you in English or Dutch.

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