STAP-budget Business English

Are you looking for a STAP-budget Business English course? Important! The English Center pre registration period for the next STAP-budget window ends at 17:00 on Monday 26 June. Pre registration forms received on or before that day will be processed for the next STAP-budget window, 3 July. 

Can I pre register with the STAP-budget for a Business English Course?

Pre registration for English Center courses is now open. Contact us via the pre registration form or call +31 (0)20 823 0569. The STAP-budget can provide up to €1000 per year for approved recipients to improve their employment opportunities.

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Which Business English STAP-budget course is best for me?

Read the 2 course descriptions below, then select your course, read the instructions, and use the form on this page to pre register. 

STAP Course Option 1

10 hour private Business English STAP course: For participants at level B1-C2. 100% paid by STAP

• Locations: Online, Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Amstelveen.
• Start date: most courses can begin quickly after you are approved for STAP.
• 100% native-speaker trainers.
• Fully customized training for you and your career.
• Highly interactive lessons to activate your English skills.
• Cost: €1000

IMPORTANT! Complete the STAP pre registration form on this page.

STAP Course Option 2

20 hour private intensive course Business English STAP Course. For participants at level B1-C2. 50% paid by STAP.

• Locations: Online, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Amstelveen.
• Start date: Most courses can begin quickly.
• Get 100% personalization & all the trainer’s attention.
• Improve quickly and develop the skills that are most important for your career.
• *Cost 2000 minus 1000 STAP-Budget= your cost of €1000

IMPORTANT! Complete the STAP pre registration form on this page.

Instructions: How do I register for a STAP-budget Business English course with The English Center?

  1. You take the free English Center level test.
  2. You choose your English Center course. See your STAP course options above.
  3. You pre register with The English Center using the English Center pre registration form on this page.
  4. When we accept your pre registration, we will send you a STAP “proof of registration”. (STAP-aanmeldingsbewijs)
  5. You submit this form to the UWV’s STAP portal. You will need a DigiD number to login.
  6. The UWV will process your request and tell you if they approve your funding.
  7. When you have been approved, respond to your English Center contact person, who will complete your course registration. You cannot start the course until you have been approved by STAP.
  8. Complete the form below now.
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