In-Company Business English Training

Work smart in English with Cedeo-certified, fully customized courses.

Do your colleagues need in-company Business English training so they can speak smart, professional English with international clients and colleagues? Do they need to become more confident, fast and fluent in English? Since 2009, we have been providing dynamic, high-quality training to Dutch and international companies and organizations in the Netherlands, with a focus on companies in Amsterdam, The Hague, Amstelveen and Rotterdam.

The English Center holds a CEDEO-erkenning (certificate) for customized Business English training.

We offer quality intensive and weekly in-company Business English courses for individuals and groups, all fully customized to deliver the most value for your busy team. Our motto is “Business English training the way YOU want it.”

Learn about CEDEO certification here.

Download our CEDEO client satisfaction report pdf here.

English proficiency begins with a great native-speaker trainer and your 100% customized in-company Business English course.

Communication is an art, and teaching it requires a certain kind of professional talent. Your trainer from The English Center is a native English speaker from the US, UK, Australia or Canada who lives and works in the Netherlands. Your trainer was chosen because of a certain set of qualities, including academic qualifications, creativity, passion for teaching, flexibility, drive and, perhaps most importantly – social intelligence. This social-emotional intelligence is what distinguishes an average trainer from a great trainer, because language teaching is a deeply human experience.

This is our in-company Business English course approach. We will–

  • Get to know you and your corporate DNA.
  • Discuss your pain points: speaking? writing? presentations? diplomacy?
  • Evaluate the company’s needs and draw up a preliminary learning plan.
  • Plan the training the way you want it. Master classes? Weekly classes? Workshops?
  • Customize course content and approach + optimize training as it progresses.

What our clients say about our in-company Business English training.

“Since 2019 we have offered Business English Courses at Vandebron, to help our employees feel more comfortable expressing themselves in English during lunch talks, business conversations, project meetings or presentations. The English Centre is well organized, flexible, and the teacher greatly aligns with our DNA, business context and specific learnings needs. Big recommendation!”
10/2021 – Fransje Voncken, Specialist Learning & Development at Vandebron Energie.

“We are extremely happy with the services of the English Center. We have organized in-company group courses for our new hires from Russia and Turkey. The teachers are wonderful, they are patient and able to adjust their teaching style to each participant of the group. Thanks to the professional support from the English Center our colleagues were able to improve from beginner to a (upper) intermediate level in one year time, moreover, our colleagues feel confident to speak and write freely.” 
12/2020 – Lucy van der Vlist-Jansen, Senior HR business partner, Recruiter a.i. at South Stream Transport BV

“The trainer was not only very good and knowledgeable but also funny and witty. This created a nice atmosphere in which everyone dared to talk and actively participate in exercises. This made it not only a useful training but above all a fun training”.
CEDEO report, 2023

Companies we partner with.

  • Corporate Housing Factory
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Rodeo
  • Foot Locker
  • Young Capital Recruitment
  • ING Bank
  • McKinsey
  • Vandebron
  • Abbvie
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Several major pharma companies

Choose the in-company Business English training model that suits your company best.

  • Small group courses at your location.
  • Online courses with a small or large group.
  • Intensive crash courses.
  • Workshops.
  • HITs: High Intensive Training (mini modules).
  • Interactive Business English video training.

Is in-company Business English training also available online?

Yes! Ask us.

What is a typical in-company Business English training schedule?

Some companies want morning or end-of-day training once per week over several weeks. Other companies prefer a few half-day masterclasses. Let us know what suits your company best.

We equip corporate teams with global communication skills.

  • English for meetings and negotiations.
  • English pronunciation.
  • English grammar review, vocabulary and idiom.
  • Email English and report writing.
  • Presentations and public speaking.
  • ​Diplomatic language​.
  • Social business English (small talk).

Soft skills and the Polder Model.

In the Netherlands, our working relationships are strongly influenced by the Polder Model, a model of teamwork and consensus building. Our aptitude for teamwork can be as valuable as our degrees, employment history and hard skills.

How we work in a team – our soft skills – includes interpersonal or social skills, communication skills, listening skills, speaking, explaining, leadership, diplomacy, cross-cultural awareness and empathy. These highly desirable soft skills all have one thing in common: language. Mostly the English language! Because without a common, competent use of English, these skills cannot be updated. Soft skills in English are at the foundation of business success. They are fundamental.

At The English Center, we appreciate, understand and specialize in English soft skills. We would love to talk with you about how we can support your team in developing their “English soft skills” with customized in-company language training.

Our goal is to deliver quality in-company Business English courses with the perfect content, style and level for your team. And you can choose live online lessons or on-site training at your office in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, The Randstad and beyond. All in-company Business English training courses are 100% customized, highly interactive – and all are taught by engaging, communicative, native-speaker trainers.

Would you prefer a different training model?

A company-paid private intensive courses? A weekly course? Read about Business English courses here.

Read more about why Business English training is such a big win-win here.

Contact us about in-company Business English training.

For more information about our in-company Business English courses online or at your office in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag and the Randstad, please call us +31 (0)20 823 0569 or complete the form below.

We look forward to providing in-company Business English training for your company.

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