In Company Business English Courses

Our corporate language training approach

  • Working with HR/L&D, we begin with a preliminary assessment, learning plan & schedule
  • Complete learner profiles: assessment across all skills
  • Customized private or group training with native-speaker teachers
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization of training approach, groupings, focus, etc.
  • End of course learner progress assessment + certificate
  • Recommendations for further training

    Get the business English training program that suits your company. Virtual or in-person courses that are 100% customized, dynamic and very interactive. 

    • Private 1:1 business English courses
    • Group business English training
    • Intensive speed courses: private and group
    • Workshops

Would you prefer to send your colleagues to our popular Business English Intensive Course in Amsterdam, right by Amsterdam Central Station?

Our next one-week intensive course starts soon. Read more about the intensive course here.

To discuss your company’s training needs, or to request a no obligation proposal, call us. We are happy to speak with you.

The English Center of Amsterdam provides smart, interactive, customized in-company Business English courses for corporations. Intensive and weekly classes, both Live Online and in-person, are led by top native-speaker Business English trainers from our Amsterdam based team.

Call +31 20 823 0569.

What Vandebron says about our in-company business English training

“Since 2019 we have offered Business English Courses at Vandebron, to help our employees feel more comfortable expressing themselves in English during lunch talks, business conversations, project meetings or presentations. The English Centre is well organized, flexible, and the teacher greatly aligns with our DNA, business context and specific learnings needs.
Big recommendation!”

10/2021 – Fransje Voncken, Specialist Learning & Development at Vandebron Energie

in-company business english course recommendation

A great review for our in-company Business English training from South Stream Transport BV

“We are extremely happy with the services of the English Center. We have organized in-company group courses for our new hires from Russia and Turkey. The teachers are wonderful, they are patient and able to adjust their teaching style to each participant of the group. Thanks to the professional support from the English Center our colleagues were able to improve from beginner to a (upper) intermediate level in one year time, moreover, our colleagues feel confident to speak and write freely.” 

12/2020 – Lucy van der Vlist-Jansen, Senior HR business partner, Recruiter a.i. at South Stream Transport BV

We train teams with skill specific, in-company business English course content

  • English for meetings and negotiations
  • English pronunciation
  • English grammar review, vocabulary and idiom
  • Email English and report writing
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • ​Diplomatic language​
  • Social business English (small talk)

Is your corporate language English? 

Do your colleagues need in-Company Business English Courses so they can speak English with international clients and colleagues? Does your office team need to be more accurate, persuasive, and confident in English? Since 2009, we have been bringing smart, dynamic training to Dutch and international companies in the Netherlands, with a focus in Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Amstelveen. Our native speaker English trainers keep participants engaged and motivated with highly active, relevant classes. And now we are fully available for remote training with interactive business English courses Live Online. Request a proposal for customized on location courses in the Netherlands or global distance courses for your timezone.

We offer smart intensive and weekly in-company business English courses for individuals and groups of all sizes, all fully customized to deliver the most value for your busy team – business English training the way you want it, never “one-size -fits-all” standardized courses.

Business English proficiency begins with top English Center trainers

Communication is an art, and teaching it requires a particular kind of professional talent. Your English Center trainer is a native English speaker from the US, UK, Australia, South Africa or Canada who lives and works in the Netherlands. Trainers are chosen for a particular set of qualities, including academic qualifications, creativity, passion for teaching, flexibility, drive and, perhaps most importantly, social intelligence. That social emotional intelligence is what separates average teachers from the great ones, because teaching language is a deeply human experience.

Where will the training take place?

In-company Business English courses can take place Live Online or at your location in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Den Haag

Business English testing and assessment options

For more information about our in-company business English courses online or at your office in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag and the Randstad, please call us +31 20 823 0569 or complete the contact form.

Like you, we believe in the value of your team and providing them the quality learning and development experiences that will facilitate their human and professional growth. We look forward to providing in-company business English training for your company.

Call us to discuss your company’s goals. +31 20 823 0569. We look forward to working with you!

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For more information about our in-company business English courses online or at your office in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag and the Randstad, please call us +31 20 823 0569 or complete our form.

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    For more information about our in-company business English courses online or at your office in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag and the Randstad, please call us +31 20 823 0569 or complete our form.

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