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Discover the Language Lab App

The English Language Lab App is the ultimate tool for learning English, in a dynamic way. Forget monotonous books and choosing you tube content yourself; this app brings the English language to you with a library of over 10,000 videos. Whether you are just starting out or already advanced, the app adapts to your level. For both general and business English.

Interactive and flexible English learning for everyone

Learn English at your own pace and on your own schedule. With access to the extensive video library, you can improve your English skills at any time of the day. The Learn English app is available in several languages, including Dutch, Spanish, Turkish and Japanese, and suitable for all ages and levels.

  • Watch: Improve your English by watching thousands of engaging videos with text transcripts and word definitions. Select videos that match your interests or learning goals – from business to travel and from pronunciation to exam preparation.
  • Learn: More than 20,000 words with our vocabulary training tool. This method is proven effective for improving language skills and test scores.
  • Speak: Our interactive speech technology helps you improve your pronunciation and speaking skills. You get immediate feedback on your pronunciation, which helps you learn and correct mistakes faster.
  • Feedback: Your online coach from The English Center listens to your recordings on a weekly basis and provides you with personalised feedback to further improve your pronunciation.

The course is designed so that you are guaranteed to be one CEFR level higher within three months, with a minimum investment of 2.5 hours per week. When you complete the course successfully, we will give you a certificate as proof of your progress.

More than just an app

What makes this app course so unique is the personal coaching by one of our professional native-speaker trainers. You receive weekly feedback, which helps refine your pronunciation and speaking skills. The app’s interactive speech technology also provides instant pronunciation feedback, allowing you to learn quickly and correct your mistakes immediately.

Start improving your English with the Language Lab App.

It goes like this:

Take the free test: first of all, check your level. Are you a beginner, are you somewhere in the middle, or are you already advanced? This will help us find the right course for you.

Register: click the ‘Register’ button above and sign up.

Tell us your learning goals: what do you want to learn? Business English, test preparation, Social English, or something completely different? Let us know!

We’ll do the rest: we’ll match you with the best course content that suits your learning goals. As soon as you are enrolled, you can start right away.

Personal coaching: you get feedback from your coach every week, plus tips for your pronunciation and technical support to keep you motivated and on track.

Combine the Language Lab app with private lessons to get the most out of your learning experience. Ask us about the possibilities, how we can integrate the app with a private English course for optimal results.

Start your English adventure today! Call us on +31 (0)20 823 0569 and take the first step towards fluent English.

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