Yes, our teachers are 100% native speakers. They come from the US, Canada, England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

The group courses start at about €400.

Yes we have locations in the heart of the city – very close to Amsterdam Centraal, in the Jordaan, and right by Vondelpark. At the moment we teach Live Online via Zoom.

We do not let people sample group lessons for free, but we do give a free, no-obligation “get-to-know-you” appointment for people who want private training. Those appointments are always with a real teacher, so you get a clear impression of the way we work.

Yes, we teach a lot at company offices. The business sectors we work with include financial, real estate, fashion, media, entertainment, IT and more.

Yes, we work a lot with pronunciation training. You can take a look at our pronunciation courses here: Learn American EnglishEnglish Accent Coaching for Actors and Learn British English.

That is a tough question. It depends a lot on you and your goals. Everyone is different.

Many people work with us for months or even years (!) but most people start with a 12-hour package. However, you can buy smaller packages.

Yes, we often work with people on a particular skill or project. So we can help you prepare to give an important presentation in English, help you improve your writing, or help you get ready for a job interview. Private lessons are built around your goals, challenges and learning style.

Usually not. We recommend a video-based learning app that activates all your English in an immersive language experience. It has all levels and comes with a guarantee!

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