English Job Interview Coaching

Native-speaker trainer
A2 and higher
Lesson duration 
Online minimum 1 hour
In person minimum 1.5 hours

Day and time
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday by appointment

Amsterdam, Den Haag, Amstelveen or Online
Study book
Recommended, not included
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Course Costs (no added VAT)
€ 510
In person
€ 570

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Choose your route: quick refresher course or comprehensive preparation

The English Center offers two tailor-made private training options for your English job interview preparation sessions. Choose a quick refresher course or extended preparation, depending on your level and needs.

Option 1: Short English Job Interview Coaching Course – 6 hours

Do you already have a good to advanced level of English and feel confident in both speaking and writing? Then opt for our 6-hour intensive fast course. You’ll dive straight into role-plays and fine-tuning answers to potential job interview questions. We will help you present your story – why you are the right candidate – perfectly. This course is ideal to complete in one week.

What you will learn in the English Job Interview Preparation Short Course

In the 6-hour course, we focus intensively on practising possible job application questions and their answers. Some sample questions we will work with:

  • Who are you? A strong introduction is crucial. Learn how to present yourself effectively and memorably.
  • Why are you the right person for this position? Communicate clearly and convincingly why you are the ideal candidate for the position.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? Learn how to highlight your strengths and talk about your areas for improvement in a positive way.
  • What is your leadership style, and what is your role in a team? Articulate your leadership qualities and how you function as a team player, with concrete examples that illustrate your style.
  • How do you see your career in 10 years? Share where you see yourself in 10 years, what your vision for the future is and how the job you are applying for contributes to this vision.
  • How do colleagues describe you? Reflect on feedback you have received from colleagues, and how these have shaped your professional development.

Option 2: Comprehensive Job Application Preparation Course in English – 12 hours

Not so confident in your English yet? Then opt for our 12-hour preparation course. Here, we focus on your CV and cover letter, as well as on general English and practising job interview questions. You will receive thorough feedback and we will guide you in forming a convincing story about your suitability for the job. This course is usually spread over several weeks, so that you have sufficient time to digest the material and make it your own. 

What you will learn in the Comprehensive Job Application Preparation Course in English

During the 12-hour course, we will dive into all aspects of your application, from CV and cover letter to personal presentation. Here is what we will do:

  • CV optimisation: We make sure your CV is not only clear, but also a good fit for the job you are applying for.
  • Cover letter analysis: We evaluate your cover letter to make sure it is a valuable addition to your CV, and increases your chances of getting noticed.
  • Writing and speaking skills: We work on improving your general writing and speaking skills so that your message always comes across strongly and clearly.
  • Performing under pressure: You will learn to optimise your pronunciation and language use, even under stressful circumstances.
  • Listening and responding: We refine your listening skills and responsiveness, which is essential for a successful job interview.
  • Coming across as confident: Whether online or ‘live’, we help you appear confident and professional in any situation.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I attend this course online?

Sure! This English job interview coaching course is often taken via Zoom, delivered by our expert team in Amsterdam. Ideal for those looking for flexibility and convenience.

2. Is it possible to take the course in person?

Yes. If you prefer a face-to-face approach, we offer the option of taking the course face-to-face at one of our locations in Amsterdam, Amstelveen or The Hague

3. When can I start the English job interview training course?

After filling in the contact form, we will generally contact you within 1 working day. We can usually start quickly with the private English job interview preparation private course, which is available all year round. 

4. Is my trainer a native-speaker?

Yes, The English Center employs only native-speakers from countries such as the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia. Our trainers are not only language experts, but also experienced professionals who will boost your skills and confidence from the very beginning.

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