How Can I Learn English Quickly?

The answer to this question is “that depends.” It depends on what you mean by “quickly” and what your budget is.

If you have a generous budget, intensive courses are preferred to learn English quickly. Intensive courses provide what is called “immersion training.” You can think of it as an English “brainwash.” Maybe you have been told by friends and colleagues that you should “just go to London or New York” to improve your English. And that is not a bad idea. The logic behind that recommendation is that when you are surrounded by a language; when everything you hear, read and say is in the target language, your brain will adapt, and you will become more proficient. That is natural learning, and it’s great. But what a natural, free range immersion experience will not provide are the corrections and understanding that you get from an immersion course with a native-speaker teacher. With immersion training, you are surrounded by English, but it is at the right level, with corrections and explanations, and focused on your individual needs.

You can choose half day or full day private intensives course or you can choose a one week small group intensive course.

That is the ideal path to fast English fluency.

If you have a mid-sized budget, consider several private lessons per week over a short period. While private lessons cost more than group lessons, you often get a whole lot more, as the saying goes, bang for your buck (=value). Because  in a private lesson, you will be using the English language all the time. You never have to “wait your turn.”

Another good choice is a two week small group intensive course with a native-speaker teacher who will be sure that everyone is actively engaging.

And if you have a small budget, check out our interactive  Learn English App. It is just 55 euro per month of training, and you get unlimited access. So you could use it 3, 4, 5…8 hours per day or more and get big results. This app is so good that almost all of our students use it, whatever the size of their budget.

Finally, whatever you choose and whatever your budget, be sure that you are not just reading. Reading will not train your ear or your mouth, and listening and speaking are the skills you will use the most, right? Keep reading, but please please add English podcasts, English TV shows, movies and series. You should also check out the BBC ESL sites and You Tube.

If you would like to learn more about any of the training mentioned here to learn English quickly, just contact us.

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