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Welcome to “Switch” job interview training with the Gemeente Amsterdam and The English Center

What is Switch? Who is it for?  The Switch retraining program is for clients of Werk, Participatie en Inkomen (WPI) and UWV. Participants in these programs can request job and language training that is paid for by the Gemeente. With the approval of your case manager, we will help you prepare a winning CV, a persuasive cover letter, and a set of interview skills that will help you win a good job. And if your English is just generally not ready to go to work, we will help with that, too.

Pro tip: Ask us about our English Learning Management System, English Central. This video based LMS provides unlimited access to interactive speaking practice that will build your vocabulary, fluency and confidence. You can choose job interview videos, business English videos, IT, health, and much more. With over 10,000 videos in the online library, you will never get tired of practicing English!

This is a unique opportunity for retraining – “omscholing” – at no cost to you!

As a resident of Amsterdam and a client of “Werk, Participatie and Inkomen” (WPI) or the UWV, you can follow a course that you don’t have to pay for yourself! Is there a job that you would enjoy, but you lack the training for it? Or is your English just not good enough to get and keep a new job?

Get private job interview training with an English Center coach dedicated to your success

Most clients receive about 10 hours of training, but you may need more or less, depending on your English level. Where to start? All courses begin with an online intake appointment with a trainer. We help clients with CVs, letters of motivation, general and business English skills and specific interview skills. Just click one of the two buttons on this page to begin your path to better English.

Job interview checklist. Can you confidently answer these questions, in English?

• Tell us about yourself.
• Why are you the right person for this job?
• What are your professional strengths? Weaknesses?
• Can you tell us about a time you solved a problem at work?
• What do your colleagues say about you?
• Where do you see your career in 10 years?
• What kind of team player are you?


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