The English Teacher Team – 100% Native Speakers

There is nothing more important for your English course than your English teacher, and native-speaker teachers bring something special to an English lesson, because native speakers

  • Have naturally accurate pronunciation
  • Have naturally accurate intonation
  • Have a natural understanding and use of idioms
  • Have a natural, intuitive understanding of grammar concepts
  • Understand levels of formality (register) and social appropriateness
  • Can teach diplomatic language and levels of assertiveness
  • Understand the underlying culture and the messages that are the subtext of the English language

We are proud of our native speaker English team of 25 top teachers. With a team this size, we can handle intensive courses, multiple locations and short notice assignments.

Ar the English Center, 100% of our teachers are native speakers with university diplomas and teaching credentials. But that is just where our teachers begin to shine.

English Center teachers are selected not just for their academic qualifications. They are selected for their passion, patience, humor, creativity and flexibility. We believe that your English lessons should not just be effective, they should be fun.

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Please note that all positions are on a freelance and or parttime basis

    Teacher training in Amsterdam with master teacher Dorothy Zelmach.

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