English Language Course in The Hague

Have you always wanted to take an English language course in The Hague? If you’re looking for a selection of professional, focused English language course in The Hague, The English Center is perfect for you. In addition to our headquarters in Amsterdam, we are now active in The Hague. All our English language courses in The Hague are taught by qualified native speaker teachers who have a love for the English language.

The Most Versatile English Language Course in The Hague

The English Center provides English language courses in The Hague for both companies and individuals. We work with clients from many different countries and with organizations such as SBS Broadcasting, the City of Amstelveen and the City of Amsterdam. You can start at The English Center regardless of your current level of English. Because our lessons are always private or in small groups, your English proficiency will improve significantly in a short time.

A Completely Customized English Language Course in The Hague

Would you like to feel more confident speaking English? Have you been looking for the right course in The Hague? There are many reasons why clients want to improve their English. Perhaps you would like to improve your grammar and sentence structure in written English plus sound better when you speak. If so, our carefully chosen lessons, books and online learning programs are a great solution for you. You can choose one or a combination of these methods. Our clients achieve good results because The English Center uses a personal language training approach.

​Contact Details for Language Courses in The Hague

Sign up for an English language course with The English Center in The Hague now and get started writing and speaking fluent English. Contact us by email: info@englishcenter.nl, via the contact form on the website, or request a free intake by phone: 020 823 0569. The initial meeting with The English Center is free and without obligation.

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