In-Company Business English Training

The English Center of Amsterdam provides smart, interactive, customized in-company Business English courses for corporations. Intensive and weekly classes, both live online and in-person, are led by top native-speaker Business English trainers from our Amsterdam based team.

Customized in-company Business English courses: live online and at your location in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Den Haag

LevelA2 to C2
TrainerNative English speaker trainers from the UK, US, Canada and Australia
ScheduleTo suit your team
Intensive, weekly, workshop; private and group coursesAvailable
Course book / materialsTBD, often digital
Free level testOnline
ECTSE Test of Spoken EnglishRecommended
Interactive video trainingRecommended
LocationLive online or at your corporate location
Certificate of completionIncluded
in-company business english course recommendation

What Vandebron says about our in-company business English training

“Since 2019 we have offered Business English Courses at Vandebron, to help our employees feel more comfortable expressing themselves in English during lunch talks, business conversations, project meetings or presentations. The English Centre is well organized, flexible, and the teacher greatly aligns with our DNA, business context and specific learnings needs.
Big recommendation!”
10/2021 – Fransje Voncken, Specialist Learning & Development at Vandebron Energie

Is your corporate language English? 

Do your colleagues need in-Company Business English Courses so they can speak English with international clients and colleagues? Does your office team need to be more accurate, persuasive, and confident in English? Since 2009, we have been bringing smart, dynamic training to Dutch and international companies in the Netherlands, with a focus in Amsterdam, Den Haag, and Amstelveen. Our native speaker English trainers keep participants engaged and motivated with highly active, relevant classes. And now we are fully available for remote training with interactive business English courses Live Online. Request a proposal for customized on location courses in the Netherlands or global distance courses for your timezone.

We offer smart intensive and weekly in-company business English courses for individuals and groups of all sizes, all fully customized to deliver the most value for your busy team – business English training the way you want it, never “one-size -fits-all” standardized courses.

A great review for our in-company Business English training from South Stream Transport BV

“We are extremely happy with the services of the English Center. We have organized in-company group courses for our new hires from Russia and Turkey. The teachers are wonderful, they are patient and able to adjust their teaching style to each participant of the group. Thanks to the professional support from the English Center our colleagues were able to improve from beginner to a (upper) intermediate level in one year time, moreover, our colleagues feel confident to speak and write freely.” 
12/2020 – Lucy van der Vlist-Jansen, Senior HR business partner, Recruiter a.i. at South Stream Transport BV

You can see more 5-star reviews at Google.

Business English proficiency begins with top English Center trainers

Communication is an art, and teaching it requires a particular kind of professional talent. Your English Center trainer is a native English speaker from the US, UK, Australia or Canada, but she lives and works in the Netherlands. She has been chosen for a particular set of qualities, including academic qualifications, creativity, passion for teaching, flexibility, drive and, perhaps most importantly, social intelligence. That social emotional intelligence is what separates average teachers from the great ones, because teaching language is a deeply human experience.

Our corporate language training approach

  • Preliminary assessment and learning plan/schedule based on conversations with HR/L&D
  • Learner assessments via interview testing, level test, etc.
  • Private or small group training with native-speaker teachers
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization of training approach, groupings, focus, etc.
  • End of course learner progress assessment (including ECTSE)
  • Award of certificates of completion
  • Recommendations for further training

Job specific in-company business English courses, live online or in person

  • English for sales
  • English for investment advisors
  • English for financial professionals
  • English for IT professionals
  • English for realtors
  • English for logistics
  • English for energy companies

Skill specific, in-company business English course content

  • English for meetings and negotiations
  • English pronunciation
  • English grammar review, vocabulary and idiom
  • Email English and report writing
  • Telephone English & video conferencing
  • Presentations, public speaking, business storytelling
  • ​Diplomatic language​ and empathetic English
  • Social business English (small talk)
  • Interview skills

Get the business English training program that suits your company. Virtual or in-person courses that are 100% customized, dynamic and very interactive. 

  • Private 1:1 business English courses
  • Small group business English training
  • Intensive speed courses: private and group
  • Workshops
  • HITs: High Intensity Training (mini modules)
  • Interactive Business English video training

A few business English corporate clients, past & present

  • Bloomville Learning Services
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Gemeente Amsterdam and Gemeente Amstelveen
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Ahold Delhaize
  • Canon
  • Manpower
  • TomTom
  • Turkstream

Business English testing and assessment options

For more information about our in-company business English courses online or at your office in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Den Haag and the Randstad, please call us +31 20 823 0569 or complete our “get a proposal” form at the top left of this page.

Like you, we believe in the value of your team and providing them the quality learning and development experiences that will facilitate their human and professional growth. We look forward to providing in-company business English training for your company.

in-company business english courses training testing

Course details

Wendy Roxie
Wendy Roxie
09:30 18 Nov 21
When I first started looking for American accent classes it was a wormhole of advertisements. I have tried a few but they didn’t end up doing anything for me. Then I tried a trial class at the English center and I immediately loved it.I learned so much more in that one class than I had learned over the past month with several different classes. I started taking classes and they have helped me so much on my accent journey.You get great explanations about different aspects of accent training with a one on one teacher who helps you better your accent. There are so many little tips and tricks I have learned that I wouldn’t have thought of myself, but are so helpful. Each class we go in depth about one or more subjects that I need to give attention to. We start class by chatting and then my teacher notes down my slip-ups and things I need to work on; my homework for the next class. My teacher is really fun and makes me feel comfortable in her class so that I feel okay with making mistakes sometimes and learn from them. I really didn’t know that accent training would be so complex but The English center makes it easy and helps you step by step.I really like these classes and I am happy that I found them! I would recommend them to everyone who is looking to better their accent!
Fransje Voncken
Fransje Voncken
12:45 14 Oct 21
Since 2019, we offer Business English Courses at Vandebron, to help our employees feel more comfortable expressing themselves in English during lunch talks, business conversations, project meetings or presentations. The English Centre is well organized, and greatly aligns with our DNA, business context and learnings needs. Big recommendation!
Rico Apon
Rico Apon
15:07 24 Jul 21
Awesome teacher, learned a lot!
Helen Metselaar
Helen Metselaar
13:20 26 Apr 21
I would recommend the English Center to anyone who wants to increase their English communication in just a couple of lessons. After 1 phone call, they immediately matched me with the perfect teacher. The whole course was so beneficial for me in multiple ways. I'll definitely approach The English Centre again if I need an extra course.
gizem akkaya
gizem akkaya
16:44 04 Mar 21
I attended online lessons in English Center for 3 months and improved my English significantly in such a short period. I found their teaching method is highly professional, proactive and supportive. Great teachers that give you a very friendly and warm environment.
Funda Ovaci Kahyaoglu
Funda Ovaci Kahyaoglu
14:23 26 Jan 21
Rose was my English teacher. She is a very skillful person. She takes the classes in a friendly and interesting way. She encouraged me to speak in English. I learned a lot of things from her. She was so professional and kind. I want to continue study english with her.
Tianshu Yue
Tianshu Yue
09:50 04 Jan 21
Great one to one English courses for improving my pronunciation. The courses are always fun and engaging, and I feel I have learned a lot!
Claire van de Loo
Claire van de Loo
12:05 27 Dec 20
I had Very nice lessons from Rose, which helped me a lot. She is Very relaxed So I didn’t feel limited to learn
Yuliia Shylo
Yuliia Shylo
11:15 06 Nov 20
I had a very good experience with The English Center! I had a bundle of private lessons with Rose and it was a great experience, we were mostly working on my pronunciation. A lot of topics were covered in a short period of time, Rose focused on gaps I had and helped me to improve fast. Lessons were not only useful but very fun as well.
Wilma Kapitein
Wilma Kapitein
11:21 24 Aug 20
Last spring I had a package of 10 online private lessons. I always looked forward to the meetings. I learnt a lot, got so many tools to improve my English, and it was so much fun 🙂 I highly recommend The English Centre!
Noortje Boots
Noortje Boots
14:20 07 Aug 20
I loved the cource. Rose is a great teacher. It’s nice to focus on different parts in a small group. You also practice speaking a lot!??
Shirin Saffari
Shirin Saffari
12:18 07 Aug 20
Rose was an amazing teacher, I've learned so many useful things past week. Pronouncing some words repeatedly, giving tips & tricks and also really taking the time to explain what the difference is in UK/ US.I really enjoyed my class and would recommend her and The English Center to everybody.
Penny Qian
Penny Qian
21:20 21 Jul 20
Useful course for English as a second language learners, the teacher is very nice and responsible. The course is provided in a small group, with a lot of information and after-class homework. I had a very nice experience!
Salomée Rodenburg
Salomée Rodenburg
19:43 18 Jul 20
Good quality, very intuitive platform, lovely teachers - learned a lot from them. Definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to step up their gam and would like to learn better corporate English!
Andrea Erdbecher Córdoba
Andrea Erdbecher Córdoba
12:11 03 Jul 20
My experience at The English Center was excellent !! I had Rose as a teacher, She is the best professional, very good teaching you and above all she is so patient. All the content is very useful. Don't to loose the chance to learn English at TEC.
Roman Beukema
Roman Beukema
08:19 11 Jun 20
Not only was my time at the English Centre very useful, it was also a great pleasure. Steph is a wonderful teacher who makes the effort to adjust the course to your personal needs and wishes. Besides, she speaks with this lovely sweet and melodious British accent which I alway so much admire and am aiming for myself!
Natalia Sawicka
Natalia Sawicka
20:02 31 Mar 20
I had a great experience with The English Center. It was super easy and quick to arrange the classes in the format I expected. I want to especially recommend my teacher - Rose. Her lessons are always fun while also structured and fit to purpose. I was really impressed how Rose picked up on my pronunciation missteps and helped to improve those in a fun and interactive way! Last but not least, Rose is an amazing person, she will keep you engaged on every level, pick up on the latest world developments, recommend a nice book or laugh about recent tv show you both happened to watch.
Ron Seesing
Ron Seesing
05:36 10 Oct 19
The English Course is perfect to improve my English for business purpose. Great teacher Rose Hook who is very helpfull with great excercises. The course takes place at beatifull locations. I strongly recommand this course.
Tomas Beerthuis
Tomas Beerthuis
09:11 29 Sep 19
I warmly recommend The English Center and in particular Rose! Rose is a fantastic teacher who easily uncovers areas of improvement, gives great feedback and tailors each session to meet your objectives. Thank you for helping me improve!
Aliina Neep
Aliina Neep
16:07 18 Jul 19
Very happy to have chosen The English Center to improve my business English. Not only have I gained confidence in speaking English, but I've noticed a huge improvement in my pronunciation and vocabulary. Thank you, The English Center!
Melissa Nguyen
Melissa Nguyen
09:55 24 Apr 19
I have private lessons which are tailor made to my learning goals, and I'm very satisfied with the quality of teaching! Highly recommended!
Joanne Schouten
Joanne Schouten
13:47 04 Apr 19
If you want to improve your English skills, the English Center is the place to be. My teacher Daniel was the best, and I am impressed by the personal approach and feedback of the staff. Thank you all for helping me reach my goals.
Francesca Bergamin
Francesca Bergamin
07:53 11 Oct 18
Helpful staff, beautiful and cozy location. The course was created by matching my needs and my teacher Esther did an amazing job. Honestly I am sad that the lessons are finished. I do recommend this school.
Rijk Plasman
Rijk Plasman
05:50 06 Oct 18
Personal approach and modern learning methods.
Isis Caljé
Isis Caljé
13:36 05 Oct 18
I got great feedback on what I need to focus on to reduce my natural accent and sound more American.
John Gl
John Gl
16:39 08 Feb 18
Professional and great place!
Claire Langenhoff
Claire Langenhoff
10:10 06 Feb 18
If you're looking for a place to develop your professional English skills, this is the place to go!
Paul Duizendstra
Paul Duizendstra
08:41 06 Feb 18
Marike is the best.
Koen Feya Koen
Koen Feya Koen
10:14 22 Jun 16
Great teachers, very nice atmosphere and the founders/owners have a very personal approach into setting you up with the right course and helping you get started!
Mario Derksen
Mario Derksen
06:56 15 Apr 16
The English Center outsources their MailChimp newsletter at Mailhouse Rock. Each time a pleasure to work with Brenda/Michael!
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